Sell my Beverly MM- For Tivoli GM? Too much vachetta?

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  1. So I was thinking tonight that I do LOVE the look of my Beverly MM but the corners are sooooo hard to keep clean.

    I really hate the fact that there is sooo much vachetta on the bag.

    So I think I want to sell it and get the Tivoli GM and maybe a BH or wallet too?

    So do you agree that it is a hard bag to keep clean- the Beverly?

    It's not like I go to filthy places or put it down in dirty places it's just the fact that it COULD get dirty if I set it in the wrong place!

    Right now it's not dirty. Just the thought makes me sick though. LOL

    So I think I want a easier to manage bag.

    I purchased it for $800 off eBay a couple of months ago... I was thinking of trying to get around $750 or so now? Do you think that's resonable?

    The vachetta has not really started to change in my opinion.

    There are a couple tiny tiny black marks on the corners but def. not noticeable... The vachetta is kinda dry but that can be fixed... Other than those things it's in excellent condition.
  2. I personally don't like the Beverly MM due to the vachetta so I would say go for the BH or the Tivoli GM. Both are great bags with lots of room for all your belongings.
  3. i love beverly mm even tho i dont have one.. maybe if u wait for it to patina, then it be better in concealing the corners..
  4. I don't like a bag with a lot of vachetta to maintain. It's just a pain!!
  5. I actually sold my Tivoli GM for a Beverly MM! The Tivoli was just too huge for me. And I HATE vachetta, but I honestly don't have a problem at all with the leather on my Beverly. When I bought mine, I bought the display sine it had been sitting under a light and had a nice, light even patina. When the SA brought out a brand new one, the leather just seemed so much more fragile! So I went with the slightly darker one and I love it! It's the perfect size and shape IMO. But if it's driving you nuts, then sell it for something you'll love and won't be afraid to use!
  6. Really?

    What size/height are you?

    I was looking at the dimensions of the Galliera PM and GM and the GM seems HUGE!

    Is the Tivoli Gm smaller than 18.7" x 14.8" x 5.3"?
  7. ^I'm only 5'2", but not the skinniest girl in the world! I cannot even tell you how many people asked where I was going when I carried my Tivoli GM - they thought it was an overnight bag! But I think most ladies on this forum LOVE it; it just didn't suit me! I'm looking out for a PM now!
  8. the LV website says the GM is 18.1" x 11" x 7.9". I'm not sure what the Galliera is???
  9. I would sell the Beverly for a Tivoli PM. If you're not happy with it, sell it for something you will love and is easy to keep clean. =)

  10. The is Galliera 18.7" x 14.8" x 5.3.

    Hmm now I don't know what to get! LOLI just can't wait to see modeling pictures of the Galliera.
  11. ita with the vachetta issue. its ok for some bags, imo, like the mezzo, but with the beverly, nope... kinda like my ursula! lots of vachetta! oh- got rid of my LH too bec of the vachetta.
  12. do you have a pic of the Galliera?
  13. All I have seen of the Galliera is this pic and I'm not sure if it's the GM or PM?

    And here's the info for them:

    PM $1120 USD 15.6" x 12.5" x 4.3"
    GM $1270 USD 18.7" x 14.8" x 5.3"
  14. ok first note: the galliera is TDF!!!!
    Second: I dont like the tivoli on most. i feel like you have to be tall due to the aesthetics of the bag.
    third. I love vachetta. The more the better!!!! :yes: Maybe you can apple guard it?
    fourth: The beverly is a much classier bag than the tivoli in my opinion. my only worry is the tarnishing of the big brass piece. If you really dont like it. try selling it on eBay with the reserve of 700? or 750. see if it sells. if not then you know the price is too high. :supacool:

    sooo. basically either get the galliera or just sell the beverly.
  15. Thanks for the advice!
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