Sell my Azur Neverfull to get the Azur Cabas?

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  1. #1 Apr 13, 2014
    Last edited: Apr 13, 2014
    Hi everybody!

    I saw the Cabas MM in Azur and it is such a beautiful bag!! I love the complete style of this bag - the straps, the print, the golden details. It seems to have a very similar shape to the Neverfull but has more details.

    I already own an Azur Neverful MM which is very similar to the Azur Cabas , but I think I prefere more the style of the Cabas. I love the golden details and I like to carry much things with me. The Cabas MM is also more spacious than the Neverfull MM. I also would be glad to have not too much Neverfulls. I already have an Ikat Neverfull and I'm also interested in an Ebene Neverfull. So to exchange my Azur Neverfull for the Cabas would guarantee some variation.

    What do you think? Should I sell my Azur Neverfull to get the Azur Cabas? Could the Cabas also be a good everyday summer bag? Any issues about this bag?

    I mean the Cabas with the thin leather straps, not the model with the flat dark straps.

    thank you :smile:
    Miss Bel Air
  2. I would not sell the Azur Neverfull, it's a great bag and you won't be able to buy the old Neverfull anymore if you decide you want it back.
  3. if you are happy with it, by all means go for it :smile:
  4. so the cabas mm is larger than the neverfull mm? i thought i wanted the cabas but decided to just stick with the original nf myself, but it's a tough call. i do think the nf in da is one of the prettiest bags. i have not seen the cabas in person. is it heavier and more structured than the neverfull?
  5. Keep your nf. Its a great bag, and so pretty.

  6. Agreed. Prefer it to the cabas!
  7. I saw the cabas IRL and it just didn't do anything for me. I would keep the NF!
  8. I love the nf but if you just cant stop thinking about the cabas....then sell your nf and get the Cabas!!

  9. I agree. I prefer the NF but OP seems to love the Cabas so, she should go for it!
  10. I prefer NF.. Good luck on deciding..
  11. I prefer the NF and love my Azur NF MM! But if you like the Cabas so much and can't stop thinking about it, you should get her :smile:! If you can afford having both, I suggest keeping your NF. LV changes the style of the Azur too, so the original will not be available in the future and you might regret selling yours.....
  12. Cabas is nicer and not so common
  13. I would go for the Cabas too
  14. The Cabas is such a pretty bag, but then again the NF is lovely too! Do you know what the interior lining is like in the cabas? My suggestion would be to go to a boutique and try them both on and then make your decision.
  15. I would keep your NF. If you don't snap the buttons on the cabas, when it is on your shoulder and you look in the mirror, all you see are these 2 ugly brass snaps. I don't care for the bag for that reason.