sell mono pap 26?

  1. What do you guys think? I used to be obsessed with the pap but then got tired of it, and the love has not really grown back. I got this bag a little over a year ago. But I was thinking that it is nice to keep for a going out for the night bag. I have the mono Speedy 30 already, would it be dumb to sell my pap for a mono speedy 25? I also have a Damier speedy 25 so maybe it is an overkill on the speedies in case I want a change later?
    I have never sold a LV bag. Do you think that people will buy it from me on eBay for a good price if I don't have any seller feedback? I would have to create a new account for eBay. THanks!!!!!
  2. I sold mine. Its a great bag, but it does get boring after a while.
  3. I think there's a lot of mono pap 26 on eBay right now and they cost from $250-350. It doesn't cost that much anymore so u might lose money if you sell it coz the selling price right now is low. But it is still up to you, I was thinking the same thing but I know that if I sell I will missed my mono pap 26 again. Plus, you got speedy already.
  4. OK thanks, I definetly don't want to lose that much $ on it!