Sell me ...

  1. On this bag. I was roaming tpf this morning and came across a thread when searching bag organizers/pursekets.

    I love leather bags, bigger style bags (anything bigger then a speedy 25 works) Looks for a great staple that can dress up or down. thanks.

    I have no info on these bags/price point so please educate me.
  2. Do you have a pic of the bag you're referring to?

    How about a Morning After bag (MAB), big sister to Morning After Mini (MAM)? Here it is in a couple different colors, courtesy of Luna Boston:


    Some have tassels, some have studs. Both can be worn over the shoulder, but RM also makes a longer strap that you can attach.
  3. Oh I think I like the smaller of the two, think i'm going to have to do some research.