Sell me the Neverfull GM - $1,000 Decision.....

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  1. Well, I bought the NF GM and I WAS SO EXCITED to get it and then I put my stuff in it lastnite and it was heavyish and considering keeping it and getting the pursebling zip up organizer......

    Please tell me how great the GM is!!!! I haven't used it and want to try it out, but it's still in the bag! I can't use it until I know 100% sure that I am keeping it!

  2. I have had the mono GM for a couple of years and absolutely love it. It was once my everyday bag but then I decided that it would work better as a travel bag!! It's a gorgeous bag and I'm sure you won't be disappointed!!
  3. I have the MM and mine became a travel bag as well. I am not sure though if this helps. I do love the Neverfull but it kind of becomes a shapeless bottomless pit.
  4. A bottomless pit??? Oh no! I feel that way about the speedy cuz i can never find anything - then I got this so I can quickly view and grab what I need......

    Also, I was thinking about the zip up organizer (pursebling) to secure items, but not sure if that is wide enough to hold larger items....??

    What do u think?
  5. PS Another question, someone on youtube said that the cinching DOES NOT stay put all day. is this true?????

    P.S.S. THen I was thinking, why can't I use any old tote (a fashionable one) that is very large instead? ???? Dunno what to do!!
  6. My Neverfull GM DE is my daily bag. I love it. It's tempting to throw everything in there, because it is so big.. But with any bag, the more you put in it, the heavier it will be. The bag itself is so light on it's own! I don't have a problem finding what i need in the bag, but again, i don't over fill it. And I have noticed that the side straps don't stay cinched.. but it's nothing to slide the tabs back up. :smile:
  7. Oh long does it stay cinched for?? curious ....
  8. I find it depends on how often I reach into the bag. It stays cinched for a few hours, that's with the tabs losely pushed up. But recently, I have been pushing the tabs up as far as they can go, so it's really snug. That seems to help a lot!!
  9. Thanks! That's great to know. I hope u can help me decide because it's hanging on my door and I wanted to use it today, but felt like what about my other bags I like? So i used another bag, and then I wanted to use it tomorrow, but want to be 100% i'm keeping it...

    Can u please tell me why I should keep this bag versus getting a plain old tote (large) to take to work? (I will use it as my handbag all week too)...THANK U !!!!!! Oh and on a scale of 1 to 10, how does this NF GM rank compared to your other bags??? as far as functionality, etc.
  10. If you don't LOVE it and are really unsure, I have to say don't keep it! I 100% love my NF and use it daily. It's extremely functional and practical. It can take a beating, and is a true work horse. And I love the look of it :love: . Hopefully you figure out what you want to do with it :smile: Good luck.
  11. Thanks so much for your quick response! Guess what! I just saw a youtube review and the girl showed 3 ways to wear it. the 3rd way i didnt know about that looks really cool is all cinched in, but then you push out the lower part and it's like drapy/bubbly looking, so pretty.

    I think it's cool that it can transform into 3 bags and it's functional like u said.

    I 'm not used to spending this $ on bags and i just bought hte DE Speedy 35B and then got the NF instead of the matching Ebene Zippy wallet, figured it's almost the same price.....

    Thanks for your input!:biggrin:

    link title on youtube: Opening Louis Vuitton Neverfull GM
  12. I have the Mono NF MM and I have carried it every single day for nearly a year..I love this bag! I don't even bother cinching the sides anymore, and yes, it can get heavy, but that's my sign that I have too much stuff in it. From personal experience I will say this....if you have not grabbed that bag out the box, put your things in it, and have starting carrying it then it says to me that you don't 100% love it. LV is too expensive to not LOVE your bag. My advice is to go back to the boutique, really look and try on several different styles of totes and THEN you should know which one makes you all happy inside! Good luck! :smile:
  13. Thanks! I did actually want to use it Monday but wore my speedy and then tuesday was today and i wasn't sure but i still cant wait to use it i must say. I figured it was better than the wallet (for now!).... and thinking of getting the pursebling organizer (zip top)! do u have that? is it good? can u cinch the bag?
  14. I responded in box above :biggrin:
  15. It's funny you mention that because I was JUST looking at those tonight. My bag is pretty organized because I have a lot of SLG's in there, and I could cinch it if I wanted to, but I just let it do it's own thing! I don't usually even clasp the top together unless I am traveling. Here's a pic of the inside of my bag (bear in mind that I have the MM so it is def smaller than yours). [​IMG]