Sell Leather Ali or Not sell leather Ali


Ali leather in black

  1. Sell on Ebay

  2. Not Sell at all

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  1. So I went a little crazy with Legacy at the outlets...

    I have 4 alis, black sig, gold sig, whiskey, and black.

    Can't have two black Alis or Can I?????

    To Sell Black leather Ali or not to sell black leather Ali that is the question?
  2. All of them are beautiful, but I would sell the black sig ali (I know that wasn't one of your options). The black leather is classic.
  3. I agree with mairanellis... If I had to choose I'd sell the Black Signature.
  4. thought about it but I've used the black sig, the leather one is still new
  5. Do you have the same amount of passion for all of them? If not, sell the one you like the least.
  6. Better yet, give the black ali to someone in need.. like me :graucho: :roflmfao: No honestly it's up to you but that is a lot of Ali as much as I love it. I would consider selling. :yes:
  7. Sell it to me! Just kidding moderators! Really I swear! :lol:
  8. I would probably sell it since you're already using the black sig & also have whiskey in leather. But if you think you'll get good use out of it then keep it.
  9. I'm dying for the black leather ali. Wish I could find one out the outlet or some nice person would be selling theirs...LOL j/k (not really...yes I I'm not...)
  10. ya know, leather black ali's are a bit scarce on eBay right now....
    also gold sig but that's a pretty unique and gorgeous bag. there are MANY whiskey ali's on there right now, good time to buy but i would wait on that one if you were going to consider selling.
    Good luck!
    PS I hear ya, it was way too easy to go crazy with legacy at the outlets lol
  11. I sold my Khaki/black sig ali on eBay for more than I bought her for at the outlet.. and it was used. Not REALLY used, but no tags.. used 1 time.

    I would keep that leather black one..
  12. I'm going to sell it and be fair about it.

    Selling it for what I got it for.

    I like it, but can't justify it

    here is one last picture of her :crybaby:
  13. oh oh I want her!
  14. aww bye bye ali... I probably would have do the same. If you are not going to use it why keep her.
  15. Because you're new you probably don't realize that you can't buy or sell on the boards (except the marketplace which you have to apply and become a member of). I was kidding in my post as I've lamented on here a lot about the black Ali that got away from me and I knew most everyone would get the joke.