Sell first born for a key chain?

  1. I don't want to have to sell my first born for a key chain. I am looking for one that is the best value. I don't need a change purse because I have my wallet for that. Also, I have a car alarm thingy. Any suggestions?
  2. Well, if you do sell your first born, let me know how much you get so I can do likewise and get that denim LV I want.... wonder how much shipping should be on the sale of firstborn...

    In any case, I would just browse eBay to get an idea of styles, what you may be wanting and then kinda get an idea of a price point of what you want to spend.
  3. Shopstomuch,

    LOL!!!!! Definitely spoken like a mom! I have four beautiful boys. How many kids do you have? And I will look into those shipping charges.
  4. Lol. OMG, I tought somebody actually did do it.
  5. 2 kids... boy and girl who are presently sitting on each other and have the Golden Retriever hog tied and the two pugs are in hiding from them.
  6. ^^^:roflmfao:
  7. LOL!!!!! Sounds like my kind of circus. I have three little Yorkies. You know what? We deserve every Louis we get!!!!!! Here, here!!!!
  8. yep, when it gets to be too much I curl in a fetal position w/ my LV's around me....
  9. Im sorry Im soooooo confused LOL :p

    Are you selling your dog for a Louis Vuitton Keychain ?? or do you mean your first bag ??
  10. Socialite,

    LOL!!!!! No.... I mean my first child........

    But it's only a joke!
  11. LOL, love your title - made me laugh. It may not be that inexpensive but I really truly think the fleurs keychain is one of my absolute favorites. I think you can put it with a lot and it retails for around $225. If you wanted to be inventive you could take a phone charm, which there are many to pick from, and make it into a keychain by adding a swivel hook, as it seems some of those are more around the $185 to $200 mark.
  12. Oh haha :roflmfao::roflmfao:, I would go ahead with it for an LE...but I dont have kids :p
  13. how bout a 4 key holder?
  14. I have and love the fleurs keychain! It is so pretty and can be used as a bag charm on your speedy (it really does glam up a bag:tup:) and also serves its purpose---as a keychain! LOL The pastel colors are fun, and brings a smile to my face. I have a yorkie too by the way. He's a bundle of energy and Im keeping him away from my LVs:roflmfao:
  15. Too funny, my two are driving me nuts right now so I'd pay someone to take them!

    I use the 4 key holder. I have one in Pomme and one in Black MC. My car alarm thing hangs outside and my keys are buttoned up inside as to not scratch anything in my bag. They're about 200 each.