Sell Easy Caviar Flap for Classic Flap?

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  1. I have a m/l black easy caviar flap that is brand new but not returnable at this point. I really want a classic black caviar flap instead, what do I do??? Will I regret selling the easy caviar flap?
  2. If ur using the funds towards a classic flap, I don't see why not. 😊👍
  3. You can never go wrong with a classic!
  4. I think you should sell it and get what you want....
  5. I absolutely love my easy caviar flap because it is so easy to get in and out of and for some reason I don't feel the need to baby it. I rarely use my classic jumbo flap. That being said get what you really want, use and love for years!!!
  6. I would. I prefer caviar leather. I tried a seasonal bag this past December sale - I took it back - it felt just so different and fragile.
  7. Despite my initial love for the Easy Caviar flap, I recenlty sold it and just bought a jumbo Classic Single Flap to add to my collection! :woohoo:
  8. I personally like the classics more than the easy caviar. I think you should save for the one you really want. I know the easy caviar is a much better price point, but at the end of the day, if you really want a classic, you will still want the classic regardless of what other bag you get. Good luck!
  9. Get the CF! U won't regret!
  10. You say how much you really want a classic flap, do I don't think you'll regret this at all.
  11. Why not? Classic always is the timeless piece. I have both Easy caviar and classic. I like them both! May I know why the m/l easy caviar doesn't satisfy you?
  12. I think you should sell it, especially if it's new and in great condition you'll be able to get most of your money. Don't settle for something that your not totally in love with. Both are lovely bags, but the classic flap gets my vote. Good luck dear.:smile:
  13. The classic flap is much superior in quality than the easy one. If it is the classic color, like black, I will sell the easy and save it for classic. If your easy is in fun color like coral, cobalt blue, I will keep it because those color are so hard to come by in classic color.

  14. +1