Sell City for Linea Metallica (monk)?

  1. Hi my fellow bag worshippers,

    Ok, I know this is not a dilemma in the real world, but it's a HUGE dilemma in the PF world! I just got my grenat city a few weeks ago and I love it. :smile: But I was surfing the other forum and came across a picture of the balenciaga monk bag in lavender/lilac and my heart skipped a beat. :nuts: It was seriously love/lust at first sight! :wtf: So my question is...what should I do? should I attempt to sell my city for the monk? i really don't want to regret my decision. :shrugs:

    Please help! :flowers:
  2. hmmm sorry, but what is a monk? :P
  3. Yes, what is a 'monk'?
  4. Oops, that would've been helpful! :shame: Here's a pic of lindsey with hers(please don't count that against the bag) :P :
  5. ^it's one of balenciaga's less descript bags...that's why i love it! and the leather looks so soft that it almost looks like suede! :girlsigh:
  6. OOOWWW, that bag :P
    yes, i've seen it IRL but never know the name though...
    i think it's apretty bag but the leather is too soft for my wear. i'm afraid it will get dirty easily.
  7. Tough call Luckybunny... Grenat is a great fall color, but the lilac would be awesome for spring. Maybe you need two??? Is it too late to return your Grenat should that be your decision? When it comes down to it, for me anyway, a bag has to be REALLY supreme for my heart to skip a beat...I say go for it.
  8. I'm afraid it is too late to return the grenat.:Push: man o man, this is tough.

    seahorseinstripes - you've seen it in real life? :nuts: I haven't had the pleasure. It looks really delicate and will probably get dirty from my grubby mits rubbin it all day, but for some reason, it just calls to me. :tender:
  9. the leather on the linea matallica line is washed leather, gorgeous and supple and soft... but closer to suede than to the goatskin on your grenat. Also, I think you will have a very hard time finding that bag, so before you sell your grenat (which would easily sell for retail -tax on eBay more than likely) find out if any of the stores have them! nothing worse than selling your bag and finding the linea metallica line isnt out there anymore.

    AR sold out of that style a few months ago...
  10. ^^thanks for the heads up mocean. :flowers: I don't even know how I got this bag bug, but I can't shake it now. :shrugs: Do you guys ever get that? Like you see a pic of some random bag and for some reason you just can't get it out of your head? :upsidedown:
  11. yes.

  12. Happens to me ALL the time. As soon as i get the one that I couldn't get out of my head, a new one pops into my head:shame:
  13. How do you find the non-motorcycle bags. There doesn't seem to be much information about them. Are they carried by the boutiques or other resellers only?
  14. ^ I think people just stumble across them. They do have them at various dept. stores and also at BNY. On the other site, a gal bought hers on sale at Barneys! How jealous am i?
  15. it's a great bag and one that not everyone will have. i say go for it.