Sell Chanel to fund LV ?

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What to do?

  1. Keep the PST as it will hold its value $$ and wait to save up for LV

  2. Sell the PST and fund for more LV

  3. Wait to save up for LV and sell PST later in a few years

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  1. #1 Feb 21, 2014
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    Yes, should I sell my PST(black in caviar leather) to get more LV bags now ? My PST has been sitting in the box since 2008. Used her about 5-6 times. I was planning on passing it to my daughter(9 yrs old now) as I though it was a classis Chanel. Chanel discontinued the PST before and now its back with new version. My question is, is it worth selling the PST for a LV? Maybe the Chanel PST will discontinued again and loose its value. It won't be a classic anymore.
    I just don't want to make the wrong decision. Please help me decide.

    Or should I keep the PST and wait until mid/end of this year for the next LV.

    I clearly have the LV bug ! or the price increase it getting to me.

    I have the delightful pm/sully, vernis pochette in wishlist (and it keeps changing though).

    A reminder that selling/buying/trading is NOT permitted here
  2. If you had this bag since 2008 and only used 5 times then yes sell it! I do love LV as its the only brand i carry. If there is something your really wanting then get it before the price increase happens. gl
  3. I have a 10 year old, and while the thought has passed through my mind to keep totes solely for her, I don't think it's necessary and talked myself out of it LOL. :smile: You never know if she'll even like the bag, if it will be relevant awhile from now, or hold it's value etc.. no sense in hanging onto something you don't carry or love. A black PST is quite a mature bag, I bet she won't even want something like that, if she likes it ever, until at least her late 20's.. at least that's how I feel my daughter would feel about a PST or GST etc..

    If it was a classic flap you had? I'd say hold onto that. Even a special mini.. something she could carry to prom or a wedding, you know what I mean? That would be different.

    Sell. Enjoy collecting for yourself now. I wouldn't bring your daughter and saving for a possible investment into the picture over a PST.

    Good luck deciding!
  4. I am an LV and Chanel lover. The PST is my fave Chanel bag, as it's practical for my lifestyle. Had a flap, WOC and mini but when I looked at what bags I get the highest return on investment, it was my PST and LVs. It is the only bag I have two of, and i actually want more ( i have black and navy). I bought a flap but did not use it much and at first I thought I should keep it as an investment. But there are other ways to make money grow :smile: I also though I'd pass it on to my 19 yr old daughter but she is totally not into luxury goods so that was a dead end.

    The PST has become more in demand because it is no longer available all the time.
    Is yours black with gold? If it is in great shape, you can probably recover most of what you paid for.

    I say sell and get an LV before the price increase!
  5. Yes black with gold. From what you said, it seems that the PST will be around or in demand for atleast a few years. Maybe I should wait to sell it and control my LV cravings for now.
  6. Thanks for the advice. Everything I buy, I tell my daughter that it will be hers soon :smile: She gets so excited, but then she is only 9 :smile:
  7. I think my husband thinks the same. He was like, how come you don't use that chanel at all.
  8. I'd sell the Chanel to fund what you will use!
  9. if you don't use the chanel just sell
    it and get what you really want! 😊
  10. Typically I would say keep the chanel. But I'm just not into the pst. You have carried it less than once a year. Get something you will love!

    I don't have children so I guess I don't understand the idea of passing on the purses. It's a nice thought but I've never been into getting anything from my family. I have never expected anything nor would I ask for anything. For me material items mean nothing. The most important thing that I got from my parents was my education, constant support to try things even when they knew I would fail (or hurt myself - lol), and help when I really needed it. Moreover, most kids want their parents to enjoy their lives at least when they get older. I would rather my parents enjoy things instead of worrying about me. They always have which is why I am where I am! If an LV would make you happy now, I think your daughter (when she is a young woman) would be sad to think you saved something for her instead. Good daughter know moms sacrifice everything.
  11. I guess my greatest fear is that one day I would want a Chanel and never be able to afford it. I mean the PST is $2200 now ! Thats a high jump of price ! But then I am craving for more LV.
  12. I vote sell it to get something you love! I also used to hold on to bags and then I realized it is nicer to get them out of the closet and carry them or sell them to fund other bags. Best of luck!
  13. If you're not using the PST, sell it!! You can get a wonderful Louis Vuitton that you will use a lot more :smile: GL
  14. keep it unless you don't love it.
    Making the wrong decision will only lead to regrets later.
  15. I'm in the same dilemma. Except mine is a gst! I want the speedy empreinte so bad but can't justify spending that much money so I'm debating selling my beloved chanel gst that I hardly use. Good luck deciding.