Sell Chanel Jumbo and get Hermes Bolide?

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  1. If you don't "need" to sell the Chanel, I wouldn't. Keep it for now. Decide later. It's only increasing in value... so it's a win-win for you.

    I would also try to find a pristine pre-owned Bolide and get it (negotiate too) at a discount. You could find a fabulous color at a steep discount pretty easily. It is a popular style but also people change their mind a lot of times once they score a Birkin and sell their Bolide... so my advice is buy pre-owned/pristine....
    Just do a little bit of research on the pre-owned market and you will see what I'm saying...
    Good luck and happy hunting on the orange side!
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  2. This is really good advice, thank you! There are definitely many more options on the pre-loved market. And then I wouldn't be so worried about price!
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  3. I would not sell the Chanel flap. I’m a bit biased though, because I only have single flap jumbos, and I understand your strife — replacing one in good condition is a very tough task indeed. Once I was bitten by the H bug, I didn’t use my Chanels often, but I’m now kinda getting bored of H and using my Chanels more (go figure) so the cycle continues. The variety is nice in this respect.

    I also second others regarding attempting to score a bolide in the secondary market. There are definitely some good deals out there.

    Good luck!
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  4. This thread has me seriously considering Bolides now!
  5. I think the quality of the Hermes Bolide is at a whole other level than Chanel. I also think that Chanel quality has gone down over time and Hermes is constant. The Bolide is a great bag. It is under the radar and very functional and has a lovely classic look that you won’t get tired of. It will never go out of style.
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  6. Difficult... I don't like the Chanel flap in jumbo size. At all. To me it is a purse that works in a classic shoulder bag size and not designed for carrying a ton of stuff.
    The Bolide doesn't work for me but it is a great bag. Between the two, and for your purposes, I would go with the Bolide no question.
    That said, selling a Chanel single flap... not easy decision. But hey, you will make some money on it, and you could always purchase back if it is really a big regret.
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  7. :heart:Great wonderful news to hear that H :love: has been placing a lot of attention on the Bolide:heart:

    What attention have you noticed?:flowers:
  8. I don't have any Chanel bags, but if the bag is in great condition and is rare (implying it won't decrease in value in the near future), why not keep it?

    Bolide is generally available at a great discount to retail at resellers' websites. I just ran a search on TRR, and there are quite a lot of options. I would start with resellers in case you don't actually like the style / want to go back to Chanel, etc. This would also help prevent a sharp drop in value if you buy it brand new and then want to resell it. Once you have more of an idea whether you like the style, you can explore boutique / website offerings.
  9. If buying the Bolide without selling the Chanel is not too much of a drain financially, why not buy the Bolide and sell the Chanel later? The resale market is not going anywhere. Your Chanel will still have value in a few weeks. And in that time you will have determined whether the Bolide truly makes your heart sing more than the Chanel... Who knows, maybe you will love the Bolide so much that you won't even care about your Chanel after a while!
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  10. Thanks for your reply! What is it about the bolide that doesn't work for you?
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  11. I am not sure as I like it on other people and love its history. But I have owned it and it just didn’t work for me and my style. I think it is the dome shape, I seem to be attracted to more rectangular shapes... But it is a great bag no question.
  12. I actually went through this dilemma recently.

    I did end up selling my classic flaps to switch to Hermes. Part of me regretted it initially because I sold a flap from over a decade ago and it was made beautifully compared to quality issues today, but Hermes' leather is just — incredible. There's nothing comparable. I'm not a huge fan of the CC logo, but I love reissues still. Now, looking back I have zero regrets on selling off the Chanel bags I have to begin building a better Hermes collection; it's quite small yet, but I do feel H is worth it.
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  13. love the bolide, mine is just amazing, but I need variety in my life. so if I were you, I would be tempted have both
  14. That’s a hard question. I have a couple of Jumbos that I never use and think they are too big. But, I love Hermes leather and workmanship. Quite honestly, not really liking this bag as much as a Birkin or Kelly.
  15. OP, based on what you said, I would sell your jumbo. From all the reasons you stated - you don’t use it much anymore; you find it heavy; you like the understated vibe of Bolide - it sounds like the jumbo CC flap simply isn’t something you need/want in your life. I recently went through something similar and while I’ve kept some of my Chanel’s (reissues, coco handles), I let go off my CC flaps (caviar minis too!) simply because the “classic” CC bag style no longer works for me.
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