Sell Chanel Jumbo and get Hermes Bolide?

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  1. Hello everyone,

    I am VERY new to Hermes, and the Hermes subsection of this forum, and was hoping for some advice. Basically, I am due for a new bag. Originally, my plan was to purchase a Chanel Reissue 226 (I currently have a Red Chanel Jumbo single flap pictured in my profile). However, when I went into the Chanel store in my city, I was not happy with the quality - and equally unhappy with the price. They are now over $7000 Canadian Dollars! While I have no problem paying this type of a price, the quality better match!

    Because I felt the quality was less than ideal, I started looking at other bags, and came across the Bolide. I love how its understated, I love how its light, and I especially love that the strap is removable - particularly because I love the straps sold separately that Hermes is now selling which can completely change the look of the bag. I am therefore now considering the Bolide ($9600) with another strap as an accessory (around $2000).

    While I *could* keep the jumbo, and get the Bolide, I would be feel much more comfortable with the increased price if I sold the Chanel. I don't wear it that often as its very heavy, and so I don't think I would miss it too much. I am also becoming more interested in understated luxury, which the Chanel symbol isn't. That said, it is a single flap (which is discontinued), and in perfect condition, which is rare, and so I am worried I will regret it without any way to replace the bag if that happens.

    If you have advice I would greatly appreciate it. would you sell? Or bite the bullet, keep, and buy the Bolide anyway?

    Also, does anyone know how often Bolides come in colours apart from the ones on the Hermes website? I went to my local boutique here and the only colours they had were those shown online.

  2. I would sell the Chanel.. For many it is desirable & perhaps check the secondary market for resale value
    so at least you have some idea of what you could realize if that is what you have in mind.
    Hands down, the various styles that Hermes offers, all exude style, class & taste & work in a lifestyle.
    I don't own the Bolide but have always admired the ease of its looks. Understated, classic & timeless.
    If the secondary market is of interest to you, you may come up with a color that has appeal to you.
    Personally, the gold color (don't know the color name) is quite divine & wearable all year long.
    Good luck with your decision...
  3. I love the bolide! I have Chanel and agree with you that the prices are far surpassing the quality. While I like the Chanels I have, its H for me from now on! I say go for it. The bolide is a beautiful bag.
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  4. I don’t have a Bolide but it is one of my favorite H bags. It has a classic shape, a leather interior, feet, and is lockable, plus as you’ve already noted, you can hand carry or get some fabulous straps to change the look. What’s not to love? You’ll have H wonderful leather and the ability to spa it for life. You picked a good time to stalk one because H seems to be placing a lot of attention on the Bolide lately. Someone here will probably know the details but we may see many more leather and color options in coming seasons. Welcome to the orange side... :wave:
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  5. Bolide is such an elegant bag. There are many colors available and also quite a few from resellers that are being sold at a discount. If you're not sure about how it wears, perhaps get a pre-loved one in pristine condition and give it a try.
  6. OP: My favorite and most used Hermes bags are Birkins, Kelly’s and Bolides in no particular order. The Bolide is such an easy bag to wear. Very smooth zipper, as you say great strap options, lightweight, classic, understated and spacious. I have a 1923 in gold with a contrasting cavale strap and the softer one with the oval and a leather contrasting strap and they are both versatile. Love them. I keep one Chanel classic flap for sentimental reasons but I never carry it. They are everywhere and might as well be a logo bag these days.
  7. I am also in Canada. I personally would sell but before you commit understand that the resale on the bolide will not be as good. You have to love the bolide and plan to keep it IMHO.
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  8. I had a similar experience. I used to own a few Chanel flaps - Reissue 226, Reissue 225, Coco Boy. However they are too similar look/capacity that I could hardly fully utilize them. Since I enter H the world, Bolide was my 1st H bag. It is under the radar and easy to use luxury bag, and I can change the shoulder straps with different colour and lengh to suit my outfit/use for office work or to travel. Now I have let go 2 of my Chanel flap bag and I don't miss them at all. Go ahead with the bolide you won't regret it. Good luck.

  9. I love the bolide so much :heart:

    Here is my post describing what I think about it ...
    If you haven’t already looked at this thread, maybe check out the latest posts to see what Bolide colors and leather combinations various members have purchased this year. That might give you a better idea of what colors have been available for Bolides this year. Since this will be your first Bolide, maybe keep your Chanel until you’ve used your Bolide enough to be sure that it really is a good fit for you. Once you’re sure then sell your Chanel. Less chance of regrets then hopefully.
  11. Hello and welcome to H side. My two cents is SELL the bag that you rarely use. There must be a reason, be it the weight/size/color etc. No matter how "rare" the bag is, there's no point for it to sit on your wardrobe collecting dust if it doesn't get used - what bags are meant for.
    Great start on eyeing Bolide, a classic timeless H design. It's very practical and lightweight with options of shoulder/hand held. Rehome the chanel and give bolide a shot!
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  12. Thank you for all of your replies! I am even more excited about it than below. I will check out all the suggestions above! I likely won’t buy until the New Year but will do a reveal when I do!
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    Welcome to Hermes and congratulations on figuring out which bag you want for your first Hermes bag. I love my Bolide - I have an Etain Bolide 31 Taurillon Clemence GHW. I was just sharing on another thread how I like the classic shape and under the radar beauty of this bag. The colour works with my wardrobe and the size works for my lifestyle and what I carry. It is versatile and can be carried in the hand or on your shoulder with the strap. Since you were also looking at a Reissue 226 (another one of my favourite bags), the Bolide 31 fits what I carry in my 226 plus has lots of extra room - I can add a bullet journal! The Bolide is one of my most frequently carried bags. Good luck with your search, I highly recommend adding a Bolide to your collection.
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  14. I agree with the advice to keep the Chanel, at least until you are very sure about the Bolide. There’s a tendency when we first start to fall in love with H, to get rid of all other bags in favor of Hermes. I love my H bags but not all of the ones I bought at the beginning are still with me — it took some time to figure out what worked for me and what didn’t. Also, IMHO there is no H style that is the equivalent of a Chanel flap. I love Reissues and have three of them. At one time I thought of selling to fund Hermes, but now I’m glad I didn’t. I will usually say to sell a bag that isn’t getting used, but in this case I’d think twice about this Chanel. They don’t make single flap Jumbos any more and it’s hard to find them in perfect condition, so make sure you’re certain before you sell.

    Both the Bolide and the Reissue suffer from relatively low resale value, so you may be able to find both in great condition pre-loved. You may also find the quality you’re looking for in a slightly older Reissue rather than a brand new one. Just some things to consider.
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  15. I own two Bolides, and I love these bags.
    I rarely see them on the streets but they attract your attention immediately.

    me too

    but 225 is the only one that matches my body.

    And the styles are very different
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