Sell Chanel for Givenchy?

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  1. HELP! I saw a light pink Antigona and I fell in love! I'm thinking of selling my Chanel Mini Chain around to help fund the purchase. But I can't decide if I should let go of my Chanel for a Givenchy bag..Thoughts?

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  2. Honestly... even though we're on the G board, I personally wouldn't do it. The only thing I can think of when I see that light pink (other than "purdy!") is a massive colour transfer headache. Plus a seasonal colour like that generally means less resale value. I'm not even a Chanel girl, but to me the Chanel seems like a safer bet in the long run.

    Then again, the heart wants what it wants. Another option might be to put away some money for the Antigona in the next few months, and you might be able to grab it in the summer sales? :smile:
  3. Do you have other Chanel pieces or plan to add Chanel to your collection? Also, is the chain around one you use frequently?

    Because Chanel prices are ridiculous (!) I'd say hold on to the chain around. Its a cute bag and the color looks easy to coordinate with other colors, patterns etc.

    If, however, you already own Chanel pieces that you prefer or plan to add more Chanel to your collection, then sell the chain around and purchase some Givenchy. But, I'd buy that antigona in a different color. Nothing wrong with pink (I somehow have pink bags and like them), but as another poster noted, you don't want to deal with denim transfer issues. Do your research though, figure out whether the leather on the antigona is susceptible to such problems and if not, snatch it up.

    Good luck!
  4. I have a few Chanel flaps and a GST and I'm hoping to add more flaps in the future. But I saw the pink Givenchy and fell in love! I think I might just buy a pink Chanel instead of the Antigona..just so the bag won't be rubbing against my jeans so much?
  5. OOOO! Do you think these bags go on sale?
  6. Keep your Chanel...
  7. Definitely keep the Chanel. I love GIVENCHY handbags but Chanel is beyond classic its Chanel.
  8. The seasonal colour Antigonas do go on sale in my neck of the woods. (UK/Europe)
  9. You are considering selling your Chanel, to me that means you do not love the bag. If that is indeed the case and you already own Chanel maybe you really do want to sell it. The Givenchy bag is beyond wonderful...but as others mention you would have to be very careful with it rubbing against your clothing and color transfer. If you do not have a Givenchy, especially the Antigona, maybe another color? (maybe get the pink and wear it with outfits that are less of a risk of color transfer, it is so pretty)
  10. I think I do love the Chanel but I've been craving a new pink bag..I have decided to sell it to fund a new bag but now I'm stuck deciding between a pink chanel 3 or the pink antigona. These decisions are so tough!
  11. Instead of pink Chanel 3, maybe looking for new Chanel fuchsia this season, like wallet on chain or small pink Chanel bag ? It's a hot color now and lots of discussion at Chanel forum. and next time go with black antigona . It's more classic color than pink antigona that I think might go on sale later.
    I saw you already let go the taupe Chanel. :smile: as far as I am big fan of Chanel, I do think taupe chain around is very seasonal style and trendy. Definitely no classic like flaps.
  12. Chanel is Chanel keep it!

    Seasonal colors antigona will go on sale ? REALLY?:woohoo::woohoo: