sell and swap or keep!! please help decide

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  1. Hi Everyone,

    I have a big dilemma, i have an opportunity to sell my beloved Chanel maxi SHW in black caviar (single flap)
    And an opportunity to buy a preloved maxi double flap 11c in beautiful red patent. if i sell my black maxi caviar i only need to add around $300 to get the maxi red patent
    I love my maxi black caviar but i can't afford to keep it and purchase the red one since i just made a big purchase recently
    In terms of outfit and lifestyle, i wear a lot of black, i'm a full time mother of a 10-months-old baby girl (so patent leather should be quite good for me but caviar is just as good)
    I'm really tempted to sell my black maxi and replace it with the red maxi but i really don't want to regret it
    Oh and i have 2 chanel in black already (and plenty other black bags in different brand; prada, miu miu, LV, balenciaga, gucci, etc)
    my 2 Chanel in black are GST and pre-fall flap bag (similar size to jumbo)
    Also what make me think that the red one is a good deal is since it's a double flap and my black one is a single flap
    Please please help me decide:smile::smile::smile:
  2. and here is the photo of my black maxi with my yellow large flap and my pre-fall flap bag

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  3. That's a tough decision
    I am looking into getting a pre-owned black caviar maxi myself because it looks beautiful, though I am still deciding. So I sort of understand how you feel about parting with it :smile:

    However, a red Chanel is hard to come by and if you LOVE it, I think you should go for it. Esp. because you already have lots of other black bags.

    Black outfit + red bag is a good combination after all :smile:
    And you already have the pre-fall flap bag in black too. Take your time and really think about it though :smile:

    And also, I might be wrong, but i read in other threads that the double flap is not so practical ? if you are a full time mother with a baby girl, won't a single flap be easier to use ?

    Good luck deciding !
  4. Which one do you like better? Get the one you like better.:smile:
  5. Ohh and if you love your maxi too much and having a hart time parting with it, why not sell your other bags ? maybe sell the pre-fall flap + other brand bags ?

    In my POV, since you are a mother, the maxi size will suit you better. So it might be easier to part with the smaller sized bags
  6. Thanks RedMonkey!
    it's really a tough decision to make, both have its pros and cons
    i really need to weigh the pros and cons from both bags carefully:smile:
  7. true but it will take some time to sell the other bags:sad: i happened to meet someone that is really keen to buy my black maxi
  8. i think i like both equally so it's a really hard call!:-s
  9. Ok...plan B. My vote is getting the red one since you have too many black. I am currently hunting for a red bag too.
  10. That is one gorgeous black maxi single flap that I am dying for. I have lots of classic flaps in assorted colors and every time I see the black caviar maxi single flap on the street I think I have been missing out for not getting it when it was available. I have the black caviar double flap jumbo and I think it's kind of small and prefer the maxi single for everyday use because I have 2 small kids. Red patent flap is beautiful too and it's a must in your collection. If I were you I would sell the GST or the other seasonal flaps as they won't hold their values for the long run.
  11. I agree!
  12. Just one other issue to think about (and I don't have patent leather yet, so don't know the answer): is patent leather require a lot of maintenance? Aside from the cool red colour, will it be easier as a mum to care for the caviar?
  13. If i were in your shoes, I would keep black maxi and will buy red someday in the future. Red patent is gorgy but if you sell your black maxi, you may regret about it. I sold my black single jumbo in BNWT condition to buy another bag, and I really really regretted about it later. There was no more chance to buy single jumbo.

    Do not sell anything you love, only sell the thing if you don't love it anymore. When you become ready, buy a brand new red flap happily.
  14. Keep the black maxi. You will regret it.