Sell all my Limited Edition LV for Hermes?

  1. Ok so here is a question my DH posed to me.... "if I want more Hermes I should think of selling my LV." Now I'm going through this back and forth thing. I dont used my LV (only when it rains). My LE's never really get used. I have the PANDA Vavin PM and the pink Cherry Blossom papillon that only been used 3 times. To tell you the truth only the Speedies get any time out! But then I go through this "Its a Limited Edition! I cant sell that!" But then again I dont really use them. I think I've grown out of them!?So ladies what would you do? Sell the LV you dont use to get more Hermes? :shrugs::s:shrugs:
  2. Simplyprincess, just did exactly that this week with all the non-Hermes (and Chanel) bags. I kept only a few key bags, but if I hadn't used them, I took them to the consignment shop. I will use the money for my etoupe shoulder birkin coming at the end of '08. DH doesn't complain as much then. My two-cents worth. It's a tough decision.
  3. do you need more hermes at this point? you seem to have a huge collection. the LV's are very unique, you might regret it...........
  4. If I had LV bags, I would sell them all to make room - and $ - for more Hermes!
  5. I personally sell any bags I'm not using- they're too big an investment to just let them sit there unused! Plus you'll be able to pass on a couple lovely bags on to people who will love and use them :flowers:
  6. I've been selling bags I'm not using as well. Even though I do like them, I never use them and there's no point for them just to sit around especially since I want something else more. I agree with Liness, DH is really happy I'm selling bags to buy new ones instead of spending more $$$. But think hard since they are limited edition. Don't sell them if you think you will regret it.
  7. I was once a LV girl, but I said bye-bye and never looked back. My DD has acquired my LV collection...
  8. If it's a difficult call, why don't you pack them away and see if you miss them at all? That might help you with your decision-making. LE's are special and if they are special to you, then why do away with them? It's all up to you and what makes you happy.
  9. I think if you don't use them, you should get something you will use and enjoy. But ... if you think you will regret selling them, don't, at least for now.
  10. OFL ~ Very Good Idea

    For Me ~ I Can't Sell Anything.....I'm Hopeless. I Do Have Limited Edition LV, But, That's Not It For It's The Sentiment/Feeling Behind The Item Or Bag....I Just Let Them Sit There. :nuts:
  11. If you don't use the LV but do use your H, I'd sell the LV to buy H.

    However, if you're not sure, wait a few months and see if you use the LV or not. Then maybe you'll be ready to sell or keep them.
  12. is there a specific Hermes you are wanting?

    the only thing is...those LE LV bags.....are really nice collectors items.
  13. Simplyprincess...listen to your I am about to contact eBay sellers...40 or so LV may equal to one and a half to two birkins! But at least it will be used and be much more appreciated!

    I know it is hard to poart with those LE bags...the leonors, claras, etc...but if you are like my wife who doesn't even know what she's got because they are all stored away...I say SELL!!!! Just 2 cents...I know it's easier said than done as there are sntimental values I am think of it as adding more to your H collection...that should put a big smile on your face!
  14. If you are selling away your limited hard to find again LV bags to buy an hermes birkin (that arguably is not as limited) that will also not get much use, then I don't really see the point? You have to decide if you are going to get a lot of mileage from the bag that you are intending to buy in exchange for the LE LV bags
  15. It also depends on the market for the LE LV bags in question. Some had gone down significantly (I am thinking the cherry blossom), so if you are not going to recoupe your investment you might want to hold onto them for a while to see what happens with the resale market.