Sell alcohol?

  1. Anyone know what the policy is for selling alcohol on eBay?
  2. Why are you asking?
  3. The auction houses often deal with fine wine if that is what you have.
  4. Great thank you- yes wondering about selling fine wine.
  5. I was considering selling a pricey bottle of champagne a while back and what I found is that if you list it as a "collectible" bottle and that the contents just "happen" to still be intact, I think you can get around it. I'm not sure if that's allowed or not, but I did see at least 100 auctions running like that. They ended without being removed. Just make sure you check out the states you can sell to and get a signature from someone over 21 at delivery.
  6. There are several wine auction sites out there that just deal with wine. I've looked at winecommune before when trying to find a particular wine.