Selfridges Wonder Room

  1. The amazing Selfridges 'Wonder room' opened yesterday and I had to take a peek. Hermes is a star element in the whole room and things that drew my attention included an amazing H. umbrella and the piece de resistance, a Birkin in exactly the shade of yellow that is Selfridges trademark. All in all, well worth a trip for anyone in London who wants to see Hermes with a luxurious twist!
  2. I love Selfridges yellow! Thanks for the report :tup:
  3. Ooh! I can't wait to get back to London. I just saw licensetocook's photos and it looks super yummy!
  4. I am going to Selfridges in a jiffy!!!
  5. how lucky Londoners are to have a FIFTH Hermes outlet for their needs. I am green with envy!
  6. I saw it! Gorgeous yellow birkin in 25cm and 35cm! The little one is cute!!
  7. It's amazing isn't it? The whole place is like a museum or theatre though - I guess that the clue might be in the name though . . . !