Selfridges Sale Starts On Thursday

  1. OMG I cant wait, i wonder what bags will be on sale, is anybody going ?. Im gunna go really early in the morning to see what I can get :tup:
  2. exciting!!! how big is the sale - do you know?
  3. well it should be quite big. The January sale is the best but I think this should be similar. Here in manchester at the Jan one, they lay out huge tables with lots and lots of bags on and accessories and upstairs there are huge racks of clothes. OMG Im so excited, Im gunna get there for 8:45 just to make sure I get some bargains lol :p :flowers:
  4. went today and prada had a sale, also I saw MJ wallets with 40% off
  5. Thanks for the info Steve, hopefully i'll try and get down pick up some bargains for my hols!
    Take care!