Selfridges or Net-a-Porter?


Oct 10, 2020
I've had my eye on a specific handbag for a while, and it is now sold out on the designer's website.

The only two places that seem to still have it are Selfridges and Net-a-Porter. It is full retail price on Net-a-Porter but, about, $650 cheaper on Selfridges. I am from the U.S., so I know that shipping and customs will add to cost.

I'd like to purchase the cheaper option if possible but, if not, which store would you recommend?


May 18, 2012
I have not purchased a handbag from Selfridges online, so I cannot speak to that specifically! However, I've purchased gourmet foods and beauty items that I've been very happy with from their online store. I would recommend looking into their "Selfridges Plus" global program which was $55 USD and gives you unlimited shipping for a year (there's a minimum order $ amount, but it's reasonable...somewhere around $40-50 I think).
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Mar 28, 2006
iiving the dream
If Selfridges doesn't include custom fees and taxes in its price, I would not buy from them unless I was 100% sure I was keeping the bag. You will be charged customs fees from the shipper most likely. If you want to return it, you will have a very hard time getting a refund of the customs fees you paid.
Oct 21, 2008
Net-a-porter has a more reliable and personal customer service than Selfridges when shopping online.

Net-a-Porter will have almost certainly have better, more careful packaging and will probably ship faster too.

I bought a Gucci bag from Selfridges and it bumped around in a big box, wrapped in nothing more than a generic dust bag and single piece of tissue paper, all the way from London to Australia. Even though I like Selfridges a lot that was not a good experience.


Feb 5, 2018
In all honesty, I had spectacular service from both, but then I am in the UK, I guess there might be a difference between Selfridges stores, but I avoid the one in Manchester (just like I avoid the city in general, I am happy for my car to not be vandalized)


Apr 2, 2020
I'm in the US and got the Selfridges global shipping plan for a year, and have been so impressed. The packages come from DHL very quickly. I've had no issues at all with returns too, and one time when there was a little snafu with the delivery address, customer service was prompt. I think the key is to get the shipping plan which pays for itself quickly.


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Dec 16, 2019
Hi everyone,

Just chiming in to share my very recent negative experience with Selfridges.

I purchased a Mini Arco on 11/17 because of their 20% off discount. This bag below to be precise.


Shipping was reasonable and package arrived yesterday. I opened the box only to see the wrong bag sent to me:

1606234353983.png 1606234389377.png 1606234403981.png

I don't understand how they can label an Arco Tote the Mini Arco in Wood color! The thing is, the product code on the Mini Arco is the same as the one shown on the tag of the wrong bag. They must've messed up their inventory labeling.

Currently, I will be returning the Arco Tote and getting a refund. I still want the Mini Arco, but not even sure if they have it in stock even if their website says so.

Overall, very disappointing experience. Their customer service tries to be helpful, but they are just so slammed it takes forever for them to respond.