Selfridges, Manchester Trafford

  1. I've just managed to buy a Compagnon in Cognac at the Manchester Trafford Selfridges store over the phone for £140 + £10 postage.

    They still had a red Compagnon for £196, cream and black (not sure what price, sorry), plus coin purses in Cognac, red, cream and black for £105 in the sale.

    If anyone's interested, it's best to phone right now. The direct number os 0161 6291149.
  2. did you see any bags available? :graucho:
  3. Sorry, I've onlly just seen your question.

    I rang the store, I'm afraid, and didn't go in person. I just asked about purses and wallets, not bags. However, I'd guess that some bags would almost certainly be on sale. Definitely give them a try. Also, try the other branches of Selfridges, which as London and Edinburgh, and Harvey Nics, too.

    Good luck!
  4. I've just noticed that you're in the US.

    Here are the telephone numbers for you to try.

    Phoning from the US, you'll need to delete the first "0" and add 00 44 instead.

    The main Selfridges number (you can choose which store to be put through to) is 0800 123 400. The direct line to Balenciaga in Manchester Trafford Centre is 0161 6291149. If the 0800 number doesn't work for you (it's freefone in the UK), ask the Trafford Centre branch for a number for the other stores.

    Harvey Nics in London is 020 7235 5000.

    Oh, and there's also Browns of Molton Street - 020 7514 0016 and Matches on 020 7221 0255.