Selfridges Manchester 20% gift card offer inc CHANEL, LV HERMES AND DIOR!!!!

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    I had a VERY interesting call from one of my SA's in Dior in Manchester today. So interesting I had to check in with Chanel to make sure my ears had not decieved me which they confirmed. They said because Manchester Selfridges is 10 years old this year they are doing a special one off promotion only available in this one store for 2 weeks starting on Friday.

    If you spend over £250 on the ground floor (thats CHANEL, DIOR, GUCCI HERMES FENDI etc etc) they will give you back 20% of the value of your item in the form of a gift card to redeem on ladies and mens clothing. :graucho::graucho::graucho::graucho::yahoo:No matter what item. DH wants a new Burberry coat and I could do with clothes of course.

    I'm considering the beige Cerf tote and the larger Chevron quilted flap bag in dark grey which will be £3480 in total I think. That means I will get a gift card back of £696 to use for clothes! :biggrin: I'm just in shock, I can't actually believe this crazy offer. Has anyone else heard of it? I checked the Selfridges website and there is no mention- apparantly its top secret. 20% is a lot of cash to save in Chanel especially as they NEVER discount the stuff I want- hell I might get some Hermes Carres too!!!!:roflmfao: I'm not sure how to post this onto the other designer parts of the forum could someone do that to let the girls know in LV and Hermes.

    My sister in law is coming next weekend from Singapore and she is after the Maxi in lamb skin with silver hw, its £3230 so she will get £646 on the gift card plus the tax which is 13% (£419) so that's around £1065 off the bag!! I haven't gone crazy have I? :graucho::graucho:
  2. That sounds awesome! Is this for both self ridges in Trafford and exchange square or just exchange? I was about to buy either a m/l flap or lady Dior in mink grey yesterday at exchange but now that I know this it's awesome! Do you know if the 20% is only for clothes? Because if it includes shoes then this is just heaven!
  3. Only Exchange Square.

    As far as I am aware I believe it includes shoes- maybe give the shoe department a call to check. I told my sister in law and she is coming over with a list of things to get so she can use the gift card for new season wardrobe lol!

    You could get both bags and double your rewards hahaha!! I'm thinking of taking some Chanel wallets and a WOC- may as well reap the benefits now. The main problem is do I splurge on a J12 and make a MAHOOOOSIVE saving...decisions!!! I think I will bankrupt myself over the next few days that's for sure.
  4. Oh I think the news is out because a friend just bbm me and it includes items from the beauty floor over £50 too.
  5. Nope made a mistake, its for the voucher card. I read the terms and conditions:

    'The maximum amount that will be uploaded to the Voucher card is £2000, immaterial of whether the eligible purchases amounted to £10,000 or greater'

    I can get my bag :woohoo:
  6. I went in quickly this evening and saw they had a lot left still;

    M/L Silver Lamb skin classic flap, Dark Grey lamb skin & Green Caviar with Silver hw
    Red leather Cocoon bowling bag
    Small and Large Cerf tote in Orange
    Reissues in Navy blue, Silver, Green, Purple, Black in XL and L size
    Chic Caviar flaps in Purple

    I'm going to purchase tomorrow. I want to buy something every day this is on!!
  7. Did you get it yet? What are you looking for?:graucho:
  8. This is really making me want to buy the Chanel classic flap right now! I was going to wait until next year but seems like such a great offer! I don't know what to do now ahhh..decisions decisions decisions!
  9. Haven't got anything yet! I planned to go on Saturday but had to go to London for the weekend instead. So happy it's 2 weeks long!

    I want a medium flap in GH (any colour) and/or a WOC. Just realised the other day that I would really benefit from one or a small flap. The problem is I also want a large lady Dior in Mink Grey because I heard the colour might be discontinued.

    Got anything yet??
  10. I'm not sure if they have any flaps available- I only saw a M/L in bright silver Lamb skin with matte hw. They definitely have WOCs available though. Lots of wallets and card holders last time I checked and many colours of reissue.

    As for me I took a Chevron flap in grey.

    I want though the medium J12 in white.
    A velvet mini boy in blue.
    Black ballerinas

    And probably a tonne of other stuff. They're getting a delivery this week I heard one of the SA's telling a girl. If I take the watch then in total I will have spent £7000 which is £1400 on the gift card. I'm going to go in later today.
  11. thanks for the info Chanelite... I'm totally lusting after a Boy Chanel in black. Please please message me if you see some in there?
  12. Wooow! Time to go to Manchester! Thanks for sharing. :smile:
  13. That makes 2 of us but to be fair I don't think they're expecting any until the Cruise collection. Passed by today and they had some more stock I think- the rucksack in purple in small and small quilted flaps with crystals in the stitching too.
  14. Might just settle for a WOC boy then if no flaps or a Cerf tote. The deal seems too hard to resist, I mean do you ever hear getting a 20% discount on Chanel!! my boyfriend won't be too pleased though.