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  1. #1 May 25, 2016
    Last edited: May 25, 2016
    Apologies for my ignorance but Ive never ordered from them before, is it a good store to purchase online? Delivery in US.

    Anyone? TIA!
  2. Yes! Reputable store :smile: would recommend!

    Edit: I'm also from the US
  3. Very famous store here in the UK. Main store sited on Oxford Street in London. I've shopped online with them and its all been good.
  4. Thanks��

    Was it a hassle free transaction from start to finish, shipping from UK to US?
  5. I'd think twice. Selfridges has had some real trouble delivering pristine bags and also their customer service has proven to be horrible when it comes to complaints!
    This thread is from 2014, and I also remember some huge conflict from last year; just search the words "selfridges" and "damage" or "problem".

    I'd take my money elsewhere.
  6. Oh man....this is so discouraging :sad:

    Thank you for the heads up though.
  7. I grew-up visiting and buying from the flag ship, it was a thrilling store.

    The store is now owned by the Canadian Westons and although everybody seems to rave over it, I can't find anything, and there're either no staff around or they have no training (H staff aside). I've never had good CS in recent years (read appalling!) so even though I can't say about their website I personally wouldn't try unless it's something you can't find elsewhere.

    Which bag were you after?
  8. Its a Saint Laurent bag. Reason why I was interested on buying it online because their prices are relatively lower then US retail but if CS sucks, I dont think the stress is worth it.
  9. Is FARFETCH better?
  10. IMO :yes:
  11. I just read the other comments! Didn't know there were so many problems :/ I guess I got lucky. I actually ordered a YSL wallet and card holder from them because it was cheaper than US. What bag are you looking for?
    I've ordered from farfetch before but I've read other threads where there were similar issues with selfridges, but it depends on the boutique you're ordering from. I ordered from Vitkac before and I was pleased with the service and packaging and quality of the item! Just do some research beforehand.
  12. I love Matches Fashions online. their packing is always impeccable and I personally have never had any problem with quality. I don't believe that the merchandise they sell have even been out on the floor so always brand spanking new with none the grubby fingerprints you'd get elsewhere, or even worst a return! they have generous return policy 30 day I think, and they have DPP (Duty Post Paid) which means when you return something back to UK you will be automatically refunded the duties previously paid. effectively you get 100% refund. Farfetch has the same policy but Italist doesn't so you could be out of serious money when making a return with them plus they make you eat shipping roundtrip!

    Some boutiques through FF are excellent, others can be dodgy. Don't trust Gente Roma their staff don't seem to take care of their merchandise, lots of manhandling with them. Biondini Paris is always top notch.
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