Selfridges can import to US????

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  1. Hey everyone, I stumbled upon the Selfridges website and it states it can ship to the us and where the product is under 800 you only pay a 40 dollar import fee. Has anyone tried this? Are there additional taxes added when you check out? I saw that Gucci Burberry and Valentino items were significantly cheaper this way!
  2. it's true I have never paid additional money for my items, also and is the best i get my items in two days all duty and tax free
  3. That is so amazing! Thank you!
  4. Thank you so much for the Selfridges hack! I just ordered the soho disco bag from them and saved over $200 dollars. I can't believe I didn't know about this. Why don't more people from the states order from them?
  5. Currently, $800 is the amount per person that can be brought back to the US duty free, so I would assume that is why Selfridges states that amount. I am amazed at the $200 discount on the Gucci disco bag. Please let us know if it all works out perfectly, Obcessd, as I'm sure many of us would like to save $$ on those Disco colors which never go on sale!
  6. I got an email saying that the bag is on its way, so far so good! [emoji1360][emoji28][emoji1360]
  7. I got the disco bag today from Selfridges! Super happy with my experience so far with them.
  8. Wow! How long did it take? You may want to post this on the Disco bag thread, so others can save as you did.
  9. Ordered the bag on Monday and got it today, Thursday! Good idea on letting the others know in the Disco thread.
  10. Let's see!! Congrats!
  11. Yeah, I saw that on someone's blog I was reading. I've been looking at the reviews of the company and it seems a little iffy to me shipping to the US and trying to get refunds because it's international. I'll wait to see reviews of others that have bought from the site first on here. Congrats though because the prices are $200 cheaper.
  12. So did you have to pay import duties here or is to added on the credit card while buying?
  13. I just wish they had colors like rose beige and blue! Hopefully they will pop up soon.
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