1. Hi, when do these sales start, I cant remember when it was last year. Thanks
  2. I think it is the 27th as last year I remember ringing round about their sales then for balenciaga bags!
  3. Some of Selfridges shoes are already on sale, like burberry
  4. Thanks so much for the info, I will be queing LOL, Last year was fantastic but I think I missed out of some things by going after 11am, so Im gunna get there for 8:45 am :smile:
  5. ^ go as early as possible!! i remember going at 8am a couple years back.. got all the good stuff!
  6. OOOooooh I may go! Idk whether to go to Harvey Nics or Selfridges though. If I go to town they have both but that Selfridges doesn't sell Bbags and if I go to trafford centre then theres no Harvey Nics. LOL dilemma!
  7. I was in Selfridges today and their sale was on. Soooooooo many bargains, and lots of stuff slashed in price up to 50% off some things. I think their sale is meant to start on the 26th or 27th officially, but it was on today the 24th and London was empty really. Hope you get some good bargains.
  8. Meant also to say HN sale was on to I got this top cut down from over £400 to £200 or $800 to $400
    138_3848.JPG 138_3849.JPG
  9. Jesus ! that is bloody gorgeous !! congrats !!
  10. I just read that Manchesters starts on Boxing Day, so go get some stuff everyone there !!
  11. Well If your going manchester City centre then PM me if you dont mind me tagging along and getting all the sale stuff with you, I will be going alone (my friends wont get out of bed for this sale LOL)
  12. Gosh I think im gunna have to get there really early...will have to get an early train LOL
  13. i'll be going from gloucester to london on the coach so i miss all the fun!
  14. Hi there, Selfridges sale started today and Harvey Nichols tomorrow. I got a balenciaga bag and a little make up clutch so it was worth it, but very busy.
  15. well trains were not running today from where I live so no manchester Selfridges sale for me LOL, Im going to go tomorrow