self-tanning vs spray tan

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self-tan or spray tan?

  1. self-tan

  2. spray tan

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  1. i just tried the true blue spa moisturizer/tanning stuff today...and my legs are all splotchy now! :nogood:(clearly my at least gave me some color!) have you ladies tried either or both self-tanning or spray (mystiic) tanning? what are your experiences? sadly going regular tanning isn't an option with my skin tone! :shrugs:
  2. I can't seem to spray right so definitely self-tanning is for me. A gradual tan over time does it.
  3. I have tried both many a time. There used to be this amazing spray tan place about 20 minutes from my house. I LOVED it. I came out even, dark, gorgeous.... plus the place made it like a spa experience. But, that place went out of business (I cried). So I went to Palm beach tan to try their Mystic Tan.... and it didn't really make me that tan. I used the darkest stuff they had and I really wasn't very dark.
    So I'm sticking with self-tanner right now. I love L'Oreal Sublime Bronze (not the gel though). It's a lovely color for me and never streaky. I do miss the old spray tan place tho because it was so much less work than putting the tanner on yourself.
  4. good to know! any tips for spray tanning?