Self Tanner on feet and hands

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  1. How do you apply self tanner on your feet and hands? I wash my hands directly after putting on self tanner so my hands don't turn colors but then the top of my hands always look white and I dilute my self tanner for my feet but my feet end up be wayy lighter than my legs and if I try to go darker I get dirty looking spots on my toes.

    Any tips? Should i just apply self tanner to my feet like I do the rest of my body and just add lotion to my toes or exfoliate my toes better?
  2. I apply vaseline as a barrier cream the sides of my feet, heels, toes and ankles. When I put on my self tanner I only apply it to the tops of my feet. That's how a natural tan looks anyway.

    When I apply it to my hands I put the vaseline on my knuckles and fingers, palms, and the "heel" of my hands. Then when I'm done applying the tanner everywhere else, I carefully peel back my glove, so just the top of my hand is exposed and I apply the tanner to the top of my hand and wrist. Then I put the glove back and do it on the other side. Self tanner never really lasts on my hands, because I wash them so much, but it at least looks good the first few days...
  3. i am really careful when applying to the tops of my feet. if i notice the next day i went a little overboard, i clean up the mistakes w/ astringent~it really works.
    for my hands, after i'm done w/ my body i was my hands and apply hand lotion and then put a small dab of self tanner on the back of one hand and rub the backs of my hands together. works like a charm!
  4. Ok one more question about the feet? Should your feet be lighter than the rest of your body in terms of your tan or should they closely match? Ive always lightly put self tanner on them and they end up wayy lighter than my legs but yesterday I put self tanner on them directly w/o diluting and I think they look a little toes still do not though. I think all in all I don't need to put any on my it the hair folicles on my toes that are causing the super dark dirty spots or lack of exfoliating on top of my toes?
  5. definately exfoliate first. i think your feet and toes should be around the same shade as your body. if you get dark spots, try the astringent! it works!:tup:
  6. yup some alcohol works to get it off :yes:
  7. I exfoliate the tops of my feet like crazy before applying, then apply the self tanner to my hands and do my legs. While my hands are still coated in tanner from my legs, I rub them briefly over my feet as if I'm lightly applying a full coat, then I wash my hands really thoroughly. The end result is always fine, as the light and shadows on my feet tend to disguise any mishaps.