self tanner moisturizers...

  1. i really like being pale but i'm a bridesmaid in a wedding in a couple weeks. i just got my dress back today...teal is not flattering on very pale pink people. i picked up some jergen's natural glow, but i'm little scared of it. silly i know:yes:

    what is the best way to apply these self tanner/moisturizers? do they truely not streak? how do you get your back (the dress is strapless)?

    thanks! :smile:
  2. Hm, I find when you are fair skin, they really do streak and that can be a nightmare if you have a wedding to go to. Maybe a tanning salon? Spray tan?

    If you go the self tanner route, make sure to exfoliate first though. That helps keep it even.
  3. Spray tans can be a disaster also so make sure you go somewhere that has been recommended to you. I mix self tanning lotion in with my body lotion and apply it each night and this gives me a gradual tan within a week or so. Make sure you apply the tanning lotion in a circular motion to stop it from streaking and as Luccibag said, make sure you exfoliate.

    Another option would be to buy some bronzing powder and dust it over your shoulder/chest, arms and back. I use chanel bronzing powder and it also has a slight hint of shimmer in it. Works a treat.

    Good luck.
  4. I used jergens and it is NOT effective on asian skin apart from leaving you with orange palms if you don't wash them afterward. I saw no difference and I used it after a month (btw.. i'm naturally a very pale "white pinkish) asian). Only thing was that I smelt like chemicals or something afterward even though it was only moisturiser.

    I like being tan - so I try to get a slight tan first as a base (ie hanging out in the sun), then use my MODELco spray tan on areas hard to tan ie thighs. The self sprays might look scary when sprayed on at first, but once you rub it in, no streaks!! just wash your hands afterwards.

    For the face, after putting on foundation, dust bronzing powder all over (i use supernatural by philsophy). It gives you a great healthy look =)
  5. Face: I jumped at the idea of a self tenner plus mouisetriser when I first heard of it as I self tan ofter. The first one I used way Johnsons Holiday skin which was good. But not amazing. I didnt have anything to sompare it too so I kept using it (see, it wasnt the best moisteriser- sure it gave a light glowing tan though). Now I use Olay's one and its brilliant! I exfloiate every 3 days and start again. Not olny does it give a lowely glow, its also a great moisteriser!

    Body: Johnsons Holiday skin for the body smells lovely but do not put too much on in one go but prefere to buildup.

    No streaks with either of them.

    If you want to apply to your back I would go for St.Tropez back applicator.
  6. I use Jergen's natural glow on my legs everyday and I really like it. My legs are super white and no matter what I do they won't tan. I have found the keys to getting it to turn out nicely are:
    - to make sure you exfoliate really well
    - you have to use it everyday, if you miss a day you pretty much have to start all over again
    - when you dry yourself after coming out of the shower make sure you pat yourself dry. DO NOT rub or it will take patches of the tanner off and that doesn't look so attractive. :amuse:
    - make sure you wash you hands after using it

    Also it does take a while to build up so make sure you start about a week before the wedding. If the wedding is still a few weeks away just try it out for a bit and see how it works for you. I've never had it streak for me. Hope this helps. Good luck!
  7. I use the Jergens natural glow and love it.

    I have had no issues with patches, or rubbing off; also, it takes effect on me within hours.

    I guess these products really do work differently for eveyone.

    I would definitely reccomend Jergens though, it is a very small investment to make to see how it works. $5.50 a tube.
  8. I used Jergens and the smell is absolutely horrid. I went to bed with it and the day after, my bedsheets smelled like fish! Then, I turned Oompa-Loompa orange on my legs and had to wear jeans in the hot sun for 3 days until it faded :sad: I'm naturally very tan and was just wondering how this self-tanning moisturizer would work...I guess curiosity killed this cat...

    I guess a good way would be to mix the Jergens stuff with some better smelling lotion and slather it on.
  9. I guess they do work differently on everyone b/c I like the jergens a lot. Unlike other self tanners, it doesn't get all streaky and doesn't rub off on clothing. I used it all last winter and stayed lightly tanned. (I'm actually wearing it in my avatar pic to the left!)

    It does, however, have a chemically smell.

    Anyway, you should try it and see what you think.
  10. I use and love L'oreal Sublime Bronzing self tanning towelettes - l use them several times a week - absoutely the best I have ever used and I tried all the expensive french products. I don't like any of the creams - They never go on right. Of course you have to exfoliate before any of this stuff.
  11. Do Clarins Self-Tanning Milk for a nice, subtle glowing tan.

    Do St. Tropez for a deep, bronze-looking tan.

    Both are easy to apply and yield natural results. Follow the golden rules of self-tanning ( exfoliate, apply after shower, wear gloves, and dont forget your feet + back of your hands. Put it all over you body, you'll feel amazing.)

    I have used both with amazing results, its all about preference, one is lighter and more subtle, one is more deep tan. Both run around $30.
  12. thanks for all the advice ladies.

    i tried the jergens for a couple applications...cannot stomach the smell ANY MORE. even tried mixing it with something better luck. and i noticed a few patches. bleh. i think i got one that was too dark anyway (costco only had the packs in medium and really should have used the fair/pale)

    i'm actually rethinking the whole tan thing...pale might be ok...i won't have to buy new makeup. :smile:
  13. I love Jergens... I have been using it a while and know what to do and what not to do.

    1) apply in thin layers rather that one big gloopy layer. then you will get a more natural glow rather than the orange bake look.
    2) you can scrub the 'tan' off with some soap and a good scrubber brush very easy. this is nice if it goes streaky on your legs and you really want to wear a skirt.

    3) NOTE: wash your hands and under your nails after. otherwise you will end up with orange palms and nails... eww.

    I just love how the effect is minimal. it evens out my skin tone without making it looked obviously tanned. my skin looks more clear and I look healthy from the gentle hint of color.
  14. Hawaiian Tropic Island Glow is awesome. I hated Jergens (horrid smell & made me yellow NOT brown) and after reading reviews of HT on i tried it. and its WONDERFUL---it has a light green tea smell and color develops within a day and you can see a beautiful difference.
    Oh and im asian and it WORKS for me, I use Medium shade.