self-tanner / fusion beauty glow

  1. Hi ladies,
    did anyone ever try the glow fusion beauty self tanning spray and the lotion that helps to enhance the tan? I never used a self-tanner before and I am not so sure about paying 68 Dollars for both of it...
    Any experiences / suggestions?
  2. I use glow fusion spray...

    My advice is that it's not for beginners! It works well, but the bottle clogs, so it's hard to get an even spray AND it's clear so you can't see where it's going. I've been doing my own spray tan for years and I had some streaking the first time I used it. I recommend that you practice with some cheaper brands before you spend the money on GF. Neutrogena makes a good aerosol spray tan that I actually prefer to GF in a lot of ways.

    My general spray tan advice is:
    -buy whatever shade your skin naturally is. If you're very fair, don't buy the deep shade. It will probably streak and it WILL turn you orange.
    -exfolliate first and use a barrier cream on any dry areas like elbows, knees and feet. Vaseline works really well for this.
    -Put down a dark colored towel on the floor and stand on it when you spray. When you're done, use the towel to blot your skin dry.
    -Let it dry for ~5 mins before getting dressed. When you do get dressed it can transfer onto your clothes, so dark colors are best.
  3. ohman, that sounds like a big deal...I thought it would be easier...
    But thanks for your suggestions, I think I'll try out the Neutrogena today at my Sephora to see if I react in any way...because I was fine with the GF spray - and I tend to be allergical...
  4. ^ Hi littlemisskitty,

    I tried the Glowfusion spray once just for kicks, and I thought it smelled awful (maybe that is a characteristic of all self-tanners, though. I dunno...) It didn't really work on me, but I'm naturally a little brown already, so :shrugs:

    If you still want to try it, buy from Sephora so you can return if you don't like it. :tup:
  5. it gave me a bunch of orange spots! it goes on clear so you dont know where a certain spot is concentrated so as time passes i noticed that i was becoming that cheetos tiger!