Self Service trim color??

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  1. Hi - the Self Service bag looks gorgeous. I have been waiting for a Tano in this style, with two front pockets and a single WIDE strap. Does anyone know what color the trim will be on the Truffle color? I can't tell from the pictures online. I love my French Nanny but still hate digging for that ringing cell phone, I need outside pockets! thanks!
  2. the trim will be matching, dark brown, but in the aberdeen leaTHER, SO A BIT OF TEXTURAL CONTRAST.
  3. Welcome to TPF fallingforTano! You're obviously not completely new to Tano... what else do you own!? PICS! hehe Welcome again and I'm glad TE could answer your question!
  4. hi Tyger, I am actually "watson's mom" but I couldn't log in while I am on vacation cuz I couldn't remember my password, and I couldn't have it emailed to me cuz I couldn't check that email from where I am! So I had so to create a new ID just for my week at the beach! You know there was no way I could stay away for a whole week, not with all these new Tanos coming in. I will go back to my old ID Saturday when I get home!
  5. oh gosh fafnir, that Ready Steady is really nice and also would be great. I have just bought my first Tanos, a French Nanny and a Boogie, and want so badly to get something in Truffle NOW but it seems like I really need to be patient. I have been carrying the French Nanny and I really love it, so I am going to switch to the Boogie this weekend and see which style I prefer, since both come in Truffle.

    I am not a patient woman, so this is tough!! When does the influx of new styles finally stop, does anyone know? Maybe if I had an end date, I could hold on til then!!
  6. lmao hi sweetie, that's hilarious! You are a dedicated tano tpfer!!!!
  7. TE, do you know of any style coming in Truffle that will have black trim and NOT brown?? I love the way the black looks on my blueberry boogie. Thanks!
  8. Tano is making just 7 styles in black with brown trim. The others are all black with black trim.

    Check out:
    2050,3018,3616,3808,3864,3997, and 4040