Self pity thread: found dream paddy, can't afford it

  1. I love the jeans moyen paddy... it's such a cute colour! I found one at (I think that's the url) but I can't afford it.

    Anyway, back to learning my list of korean verbs (i'm procrastinating study :sweatdrop:)
  2. sure you will be able to afford it one day!! at least you get to see irl!.. just makes you more determine to have it so im sure you will be saving towards that!
  3. Do Cricket EVER have a sale? Quite a lot of their bags tempt me.
  4. Tempt indeed... I also love it how everything is in pounds and i'm australian and the price all looks reasonable until I actually check the price. It's outrageous!

    Hehe thanks pekie. Plus I don't think my craie would like it if I neglected her for a flashier blue one :p.
  5. Aww... don't give up kuruma! There will always be another. Jeans Moyen come up on eBay now and then for pretty good prices. Have you tried there?
  6. eBay is so scary... I avoid it at all costs for this sort of thing. I'm most scared of not receiving anything at all, even if the pictures showed it to be authentic.
  7. ^ If you buy carefully, there's always a bargain to be had! :yes:

    If you pay by paypal with your credit card, you are fully protected by paypal and your credit card company! If you don't get your item, or it's significantly not as described, then you can get your money back!
  8. I heard cricket's website isn't updated and a lot of their items online are out of stock. Jeans moyen was an 06 summer/spring color. I find it VERY hard to imagine that it would be regular price today....over a year later.

  9. I hope so, that would make me feel better, knowing it's not available anyway.
  10. I know, I LOVE the Chloé Paddington, but it's a bit above my budget :crybaby:
  11. I'm sulking also, wanting another paddy very badly! But cannot afford £800!!
  12. It isn't updated but I think that they are also sitting on quite a lot of old stock without reducing it which is somewhat cheeky.

    I have just bought an 04 Balenciaga on Ebay that the seller bought in the Cricket shop in December 06.

    I phoned in and they are still selling that style at full price even though it has been discontinued for years.
  13. I just had a weekend viewing of "The Secret" so now I am motivated to ask the Universe for what I want! Ask for that Paddy and ye shall receive - it is that simple - LOL!