self-made H jewelry

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  1. i had this :idea: when i saw the sterling horse bit keychain ($300, unfortunately it isn't in gold) and was wondering if it would look good...
    the two rings are round and they meet with bars and 2 very small intertwined rings which allow the 2 parts to move as a joint. If i had horse experience i'd know the accurate vocabulary, but anyway, i was thinking it could be a bracelet by joining the 2 large rings with, say, a doubled leather ribbon that ties.

    i'm not that crazy about this key ring (would prefer the large rings not be exactly round) but one day if i make this item, i'll take a modeling picture and show it off ;)

    feedback on the concept, anyone?
  2. Oh, sorry didn't read this before.
    You are talking of something different.:yes:
  3. I'm all for being creative - the more ways you can wear your H accessories the better!

    It sounds like it would also look nice with a twilly or scarf around your neck.
  4. actually (i wasn't clear) but i meant to make a bracelet of it.
  5. I'm not quite clear on your concept, but I have a Tiffany SS bracelet that I snipped the ubiquitous heart charm off of and I wear it with the H silver cadenas on there instead. I usually wear one at a time, but could wear more than one more like a charm bracelet.

    I say go for it - you will end up with something you like and something you wear and something that is all your own!!
  6. Sounds good, esp. with the leather strap! Please post pics soon!
    I have a leather scarf-ring with gold/silver charms (Saturn, shooting star, Moon) I was thinking about wearing as a pendant on a strap - now I'll try it!
  7. like this laila? the parts where the leather attaches are called the bit rings (in this case specifically D-rings because of the shape), and the center part is called the mouthpiece.

  8. that's so beautiful dq! i tried the natural one in honolulu years ago, and again in BH last week, but it just doesn't fit my (even small) wrist very well -- it's stiff/tight for me. I love the D-ring. Unfortunately the keyring they sell has round rings instead, so I couldn't achieve this lovely look. also, my leather would be ribbon, rather than tooled straps. i am not at all convinced it's worth making yet. that's why i threw it out here.
    THANKS everyone for your feedback :okay: