Self imposed "Sofa King Banned"

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  1. I am seeing more and more SKB's....

    I am curious, are any of them requests from the members so they *have* to take a break from the forum? Some are from members who never seemed to have any problems on the forum. :confused1:

    I'll have to admit....I have thought about it a few times....I am weak and can't do it myself. :shame:
  2. I think people get banned with issues with the Mods so although it might not seem like they were having problems, they were through PM's with the Mods...this is wha I understand. I dont think it's that people request to be banned though
  3. I was wondering the samething
  4. When under their ID it says Sofa King Banned did they put it their themselves or are they seriously banned?
  5. Im guessing they put it there themselves if theyre still posting. i preffer "SOFA KING RAD!" LOL!
  6. We only ban for tangible reasons not abiding by the rules, multiple Ids, spammers etc...

    These are not personal issues with mods, these are members who have clearly broken rules after repeated warnings from Mods, Vlad and Megs.
  7. Sofakingbanned ...means exactly that. Members cannot ban themselves. On a rare occasion's members have requested to be banned for their lack of will power to stay off the forum.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.