Self-Imposed Purse Forum Ban

  1. Hi has been a while since I have been here. Was on a self-imposed ban from the forum because I have to purchase a new car, and did not want to be tempted to buy ANY bags until I got my vehicle. However, after almost two weeks I could not stay away any more, and Jill's red expandable photos have got me jonesing for a red bag....darn it! :tdown:

    But I am happy to be back and need some advice. I want to splurge on a new bag AFTER I get my car in September, and was wondering what I should spend my hard earned cash on? I tend to go for small to medium sized bags and already have a grey lambskin classic flap, white patent PST, a vintage olive green GST, a pink caviar Charlotte, a fuschia evening bag, a black evening bag, two cambon bags: messenger and doctor? (black/white)...I think that is all of them. What should I choose next?
  2. oh wow! You have a great collection already!
    Maybe a new tote or flap?
  3. I say flap. Maybe a reissue?
  4. welcome back! Dang, your collection already is TDF! I'd say maybe a reissue or the new bordeaux medallion tote for fall. :yes:
  5. I would say a reissue or an expandable
  6. i should ban myself also. TPF is making my bank account ache!!

    i vote for reissue also! :p
  7. Wow! I never knew there's a White Patent PST! That must look gorgeous! I'm in love! LOL!... A flap.. I guess??
  8. gotta go with the reissue too! that's glorious bag your already amazing collection is missing out on!
  9. Thanks Ladies! It seems the agreement lies in the I am on the prowl.

    Glad to be back!:yahoo:
  10. I agree, I think a reissue would be perfect for you.
    And welcome back! :smile:
  11. Thanks, Stacy. I missed this group alot. But I knew that if I was on here regularly, I would spend my car downpayment on handbags and such! :heart:
  12. I would get a classic or reissue flap. I can't get enough of them.
  13. Yeah, I would say a reissue too!
  14. I will agree, a classic flap or reissue, because they are both timeless and you can wear them with almost anything , day or night, casual or dressy.
  15. a flap would be nice...