Self imposed ban giving to charity instead

  1. I am putting myself on a ban because I decided to sponser 2 kids with World Vision. I get such a good feeling when I use my bags and when I buy them, but I am thinking that the money I spend on bags can feed whole families for years!:nogood:
    I am the proud sponser of a little girl in South America and a little boy in Africa. I already sponser a girl in Indonesia.
    I hope that I can help someone somewhere in my lifetime and make a difference in another persons life.
    I am grateful to all of you TPF gals and guys for your support and advice. You made a difference in my life:yes:!

    (Oooooooooooo, this is going to be hard!:push:smile:
  2. Great Job! You'll make it through it!!!
  3. Wow! That is very kind of you!
    If you can see how much $1 will go in those countries, you will feel really good!!
  4. Good on you!:heart:
  5. Thank you for helping!!!
  6. That's so sweet, what a great idea!
  7. Wow!!! You are putting me to shame...and I was just thinking of doing that myself ther other day....

    Great job!!!! Your an inspiration!!!!!!!!!!
  8. aww *hugs* good for you!! keep up the good work -- I think that's a wonderful thing you're doing
  9. That is so great of you! My grandparents sponsor a family in eastern Europe and a girl in India through World Vision.
  10. :tup: Great idea!
  11. Very noble, good luck!
  12. That is so nice of you. :heart:
  13. That's great! I think that kind of ban will be easier for you...;)
  14. that's so sweet of you! it is definitely money well spent :smile:
  15. You are my hero!:heart: