Selena's LV Collection

  1. Here is my LV Collection (Thus far!):


    Will post my other bags soon!

  2. I love all of your collection... especially your Duomo and Cerises Cles. :love:
  3. Here are some Coach and my Chanel:


  4. WOW! Great collection Selena! I love that Chanel!!!!!!!
  5. Great collection!!!
  6. Thanks :smile:
    I love my Chanel the best now! Its my baby! I will take pictures of me wearing it after I get dressed. I just got a new camera so I can finally start taking pictures again!

  7. Will post Sunnies later....the picture came up tooo big!

    I have other "random" bags but I dont know if anyone cares to see them. I have a vintage clutch collection that is kind of cool to see.

  8. Awesome collection Selena!
    Show us everything! We'd love to see the random pieces too! :smile:
  9. Oooh love the duomo, and the Chanel flap bag !
  10. Love the Chanel and Duomo!
  11. Fantastic Collection Selena, great taste.
  12. Lovely collection. Very nice!
  13. Beautiful collection!!! I :love: your chanel!!
    Can't wait to see more pixs...
  14. I love it!! Post more!
  15. wow
    really nice
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