Selenas Collection!

  1. is my revised collection thread. More pictures to come as the day progresses! :smile:

    Marc Jacobs:

    Large Dark Denim Tote, Dark Denim Multipocket, Medium Nude Tote

    Large Ferrari Red Multipocket
  2. there she is!
    GREAT MJ collection!!!!!!!
  3. My LV collection:
    Damier Duomo, Horizontal Batignolles, Speedy 30, Cabas Piano

    LV Accessories:

    Fushia Perforated Plate, Cerises Cles, Damier Cles, Mono Cles, Pouchette, Perforated Orange Bandeau, Mini Pouchette.
  4. Chanel:

    Vintage Jumbo Flap Classic in Lambskin.

  5. Oh WOOOOOOwwwww!

    How great is your collection? And so well rounded! Congrats girl!
  6. Prada:
  7. And Coach:

    Thats it..............for now!

  8. Beautiful collection!! Love it! Thanks for sharing!
  9. Love:love: your collection ... especiallly the MJ denim! I can't see the Coach pics though.

    OK, now I see them!
  10. Awesome Selena!!
    What's your next acquisition?
  11. very cool collection. I swear you and I have the same tastes!
  12. Hee Hee I have thought that before!!

    Swanky: I am getting for sure the Mirror Silver Speedy in the winter and this summer either a Caviar Jumbo Chanel in a color or a Chelsea tote...not sure yet.
  13. looooove ur collection...and ur chanel is tdf!!!
    thanx for sharing. :smile:
  14. I love your collection!! especially the chanel!!
  15. Beautiful collection, Selena! I love everything! The Marc Jacobs bags are gorgeous! Seeing your Chanel Jumbo Flap makes me want one even more now! Thanks for the pictures!