Selena could I ask you a ??

  1. You Marc Jacobs denim bags (in your bag showcase) are soooooo gorgeous. Are they available for sale or are they discontinued?

    I saw the ones you have for sale on ebay, gorgeous, but probably too big for everyday use. I guess they are discontinued, then.

    Thanks very much! :biggrin:
  2. Thanks! The two large totes on my auction are still available at the boston Marc Jacobs store. So buy there as they are cheaper. I believe they were only $380 each. I highly recommend them. They are a little to big as an everyday bag but sooo fab for a weekend bag. But I will say that they are gone everywhere else. That size was not available any where but the boutiques and all of the boutiques sent all of their denim to the Boston store which is nearly sold out. So after Boston officially sells out of the totes, thats it.
    Hope this helps.
  3. Thank you so much. If there was a slightly smaller size, I might try to buy. I see the smaller one listed on ebay --

    It is selling for more than the larger size ones you have listed.

    I have never really paid attention to Marc Jacobs (confessing) until I saw your collection today. Those are really gorgeous. Looking at some of his other bags online, I really like a lot of them.
  4. That is how I got hooked! Looking at everyones beautiful pieces!!