Selena and Sunshine sittin in a tree, shoppin on line and bought us twin B bags!

  1. [​IMG]
  2. Cause thats how we roll. :nuts:
  3. Selena..r u really sittin in a tree???????????????

  4. :lol: you two are something else LoL!! Congrats on the B Bags!
  5. WOW. okay, I'm jealous.
  6. Do you guys like it??
  7. God, I do Selena, its so pretty.
  8. VERY cool!! Congrats!
  9. oh snap jamie.
  10. guess we are ordering from Barneys and returning at NM!! HO Bags!!!!
    Thanks for the link! I never think to check at NM. I see also now that Saks had it cheaper. We were all wrapped up in being in a tree adn twins!
  11. i'll keep my fingers crossed for you that they still have it in stock!
  12. :yes: I've wanted that one in black patent for so long but am on a ban right now....:sad:
  13. Love the neutral colours. This is by far my fav colour combination for the B-bag. It's so pretty!