Selection at Vegas LV?

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  1. When I am on vaca in Vegas this summer I definetly plan on stopping by the LV store to treat myself to *something* nice. Anyway, can I expect the same selection as my normal LV store in the mall? I was in there last yr but I can't remember exactly. thx
  2. YES!!! The selection is as good as anywhere else. If I am not mistaken, there are five LVs stores in Las Vegas. Two are on the strip (one in Wynn and one in Forum Shops) and then there is Saks, NM and Fashion Show Mall. I WANT TO GO TO VEGAS SO BAD!!! ENJOY YOUR TRIP!!!
  3. what is the sales tax in Vegas ??

    thanks !
  4. It is 7.75%.

    Irene, I didn't realize there were 5 of them there! Whoa! I only have ever been to the one in Caeser's....guess I am all set then! :yes:

  5. thanks !! I have never been and always wanted to go...
    now with this extra incentive........
    have to plan.. to go.... and shop ....
  6. She is correct!!!! I live in Vegas and it's great to be able to have so many locations to chose from.
  7. Yes! Last time we went, we ended up walking by every LV in one day and my friends kept teasing me because I didn't budget enough money to buy anything.

    Have fun!! Vegas is my most favorite place.
  8. Vegas is great! Since they have so many locations, if they don't have the one bag you want, it's most likely to be at another location.

    Plus you can be more picky. For instance, asking for a "Made In France," one, if that's what you prefer.

    My fave is the one at Forum Shops.
  9. yea, there are 5 locations.. there's gotta be a boutique that has SOMETHING you want. haha.

    my favorite one is in the Wynn.. it's HUGE omg. and is designed like the new stores are. the Forums one is ok, but frickin TINY. the gucci next door is bigger. lol.