Selecting First Lady Dior-Need help


Jun 25, 2014
Hello Dior lovers- Next month is our 20th wedding anniversary and I'd love to get a Lady Dior as a self congrats for making it sanely thru these years :smile:.
I'd love to get a bag that i can use for mall trips as well as dinner nights (Dont have any great party events in my life).
My wardrobe is exactly 8 white-cream shirts, 6 office blues (u know the Zara/Mango striped variety) and 4 black based floral prints in red n pink.2 black pants, 2 indigo jeans and 1 tan pant :smile:.
Bag wise-Mostly LV monogram/DE with 1 red Gucci disco, 1 teal Bottega and 1 black with shw YSL loulou.I'm a crossbody lover.
Which color LD would you suggest based on this wardrobe?
LD's that made my heart sing are Gradient Blue, Blush ultramatte and Latest D-lite with black n tan print.I didn't buy any because i dont know which will work best with my clothes and casual style.
Thank you so much for your help.
Much love


Sep 20, 2019
Voting for the blush since it's the most neutral and won't clash with any prints you wear.
agree with this! the blush is also the most classic of the three. however if you like to wear crossbody, its probably not a good idea to wear the blush crossbody with jeans in which case the fabric might be the better bet.