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Jul 31, 2008
In My Own Little World
Hi ladies, thought I would pass this on.....I received this email this morning and could not get the discount to show up in my shopping bag so I ended up calling......They were incredibly nice, placed a phone order for me, gave me my discount....and no tax! I bought a large black patent Muse for $800.00. :yahoo: It is my first Muse and I am thrilled....can't wait to receive it. I had been looking at the same bag at SAKS for 1395. but it was scratched when I was there Monday so I left without it.

I have tried to post the link but I am told that it is too large.....I will update if anyone gives me suggestions but you should just be able to call.....the email is for select styles and the YSL olive large DT is featured alone. There is no code, it was a link discount only but I had NO problem with the SA on the phone. :wlae: