Select Pics of the Troy, MI Trunk Show!

  1. Here are pics of some select bags from the Chanel Trunk Show at the NM in Troy Michigan. I am in the market for a tote or something similar and could not attend the show, so that is why Lisa sent me the ones here. :love:

    1. Jumbo Classic in lambskin. $1950. Available in Black and Drk Grey.
    Notice the new chain!

    2. Denium Coco Cabas. $1295.

    3. Paris-Biarritz. $1475. Available in Black and Silver.

    4. Soft-n-Chain hobo in lambskin. $2350. Available in black and white.

    5. Cotton Club. $1995. Available in light silver, black, and bronze.

    6. Soho (pics in next post)
    The north-south will be available in black and ivory $2795.
    The east-west will be available in red and black. $2650.

    I hope you enjoy the pics! My SA's name is Lisa Hamlin if you have any questions or are interested in anything. (248) 635-8442:nuts:
    DSC00488.JPG DSC00484.JPG DSC00469.JPG DSC00473.JPG DSC00491.JPG
  2. Here are the Soho bags:love:
    DSC00483.JPG DSC00480.JPG DSC00479.JPG
  3. Thanks! All the bags look great!!! :heart:
  4. Thanks for posting! Those Soho's are really interesting.
  5. Thanks! Those are great pictures--I love modeling pics : )
  6. Thank you for the pictures! They are all fabulous!!!!
  7. Lovin' ALL these bags! :love: Thanks for sharing with us!
  8. The jumbo with new chain looks awfully big. Is it different from a Caviar jumbo size which is about 12 x 8:confused1: ?
  9. Thanks for the pics ! Just curious, isn't $1950 the old price for the Jumbo Lambskin ? Does that mean they do not have price increase on the Jumbo Classic? Thanks!
  10. I love the red Soho. Thanks for posting these.
  11. Jag, thanks for posting.

    I really love the Cotton Club Tote. I haven't seen these Soho bags before, but definitely would like to know more about them.
  12. OH! Lovely bags!! Loving the cabas!!!!!!
  13. I was wondering the same thing. Unless the woman modeling the bag is teeny tiny... because the flap bag does look bigger...
  14. Gorgeous pictures! Thanks Jag!!!
  15. That is Lisa modeling the bags. She is about 5'9" or 5'10" but very slim. I can ask her about the dimensions!!!