Select HERMES to match your clothes or clothes to match your H?

  1. Something a member said started me thinking ( it happens, occasionally:p )

    Do you select your Hermes pieces to match your wardrobe....or do you select your clothing to match your bags?

    And, what about other accessories....such as scarves? Does anyone ever buy a scarf they absolutely love, and THEN find something to go with it?

    Seems like when I already have clothing pieces I really love and wear, I'm always thinking about my next H purchase in terms of " what's in my closet??

    Then....after I start wearing and loving a new Hermes piece....I start searching for things to go with IT.....

    I'm always starting at one side or the other....and meeting in the middle:idea:
  2. I did definitely consider my wardrobe when I was deciding on colors for my H bags.... black seemed the obvious choice.
  3. My bag has to match my clothes. My wardrobe is actually very colorful, all black clothing jokes aside, I'm pretty colorful and can't go through the headache of finding a bag to match each item.
  4. I do both! Opposite of the lovely HG, my clothes are rather neutral. I like to punch it up with accessories.
    Sometimes I will wake up thinking about carrying a particular bag or wearing a certain accessory and will plan my whole outfit around that...other times I know what I want to wear then grab the bag that is the best fit.
  5. I usually buy my clothes to match my bags!!!
  6. I've definitely bought clothes to match my scarves. :yes:
  7. Rockerchic, I do the same thing! I even awake thinking of a bag or accessory I NEED and start planning around that! Of course, then, I have to ACQUIRE make things fall into place!!
  8. OMG, Susi.......I do the same thing! But I usually wear neutral clothes so the scarves do the finishing touch and give me a punch of color and my bags are pretty much all neutral too so it's more a matter of "what bag do I want to use today" and "Geesh, it's pouring out.....guess it's a Clemence Kelly or Togo Birkin day!!!".
  9. I now buy things of selected colors, it has to be part of my color palette and if it is not, I just will not buy it. It is very hard :push: but right now, I have been reaping the benefit.

    My wardrobe is mainly black, navy, turquoise, grey, red, fuschia so I buy H items in those colors and they will somehow all blend together. :biggrin:
  10. My H bags are neutral or colors that can function as neutral, and my clothes are mostly neutral too with the exception of only a few favorite colors, so for me it's more a question of the weather, how much running around I'd be doing, and what size bag would be convenient for the day. If anything, I think more about the season and which bag would look good with which shoes.
  11. Definitely had to go the H. to match my wardrobe route unless I was planning a whole new set of clothes as well as spending more money than I probably should have on bags!
  12. Tamarind, YES!! I match at least two pieces being the same color if I need to make a look come shoes and skirt, or pink in the shirt, pink on the bag.... also,the weather and whether I need something small to run to the store or whether I need the HAC 32 for work:yes:

  13. Princess, your wardrobe colors are:drool: and are exactly the colors I look for in my accessories.
  14. I buy stuff I love so it tends to all work together...