seldom seen colors.......................

  1. saw a lovely bag in brique vache liagee with white stitching and PHW recently.........i thought the color was interesting: a sort of warm pinky brown. what do you all think of the colour? I am sort of tired of the same old colors.............
  2. I saw a bolide in brique VL and it was absolutely stunning! It's a completely different color than my bag in brique togo. It was so hard to believe that it was the same color just a different leather. The white stitching is perfect for the color, too.

  3. would love to see a picture of your bag some time..........what is your coloring if you dont mind me asking? i think vache liagee is my new favorite leather too!
  4. Brique is gorgeous in VL. I saw Tokyogirl's bolide in that exact combo IRL. Let me see if I can find a pic somewhere.
  5. I have a Plume 32 in Brique color. Not sure what the leather is though. It's a warm brown color IMO.
  6. Love TG's bolide!!
  7. That color is you think you will purchase?
  8. Recently saw a brique VL Birkin and a brique VL sellier Kelly. Neither sung to me, and I really wanted to like the color. It had too much white in it for my taste; I like my colors more saturated.
  9. I love Brique; in fact, I am sure that it will be my next bag purchase. I recently saw a VL birkin in both 30cm and 35cm and unfortunately, I dont like VL birkins. Brique in box is another story altogether tho.
  10. Here's a link to my brique togo, you'll see, very very different from VL
  11. So gorgeous!!!^^

    Lucky you.
  12. very gorgeous...very unexpected and expectational!
  13. Ohhhhhhhhhh, I am loving this color!