Seiko velatura?

  1. I am getting a new watch and has my mind set on the Seiko Velatura. It is the two-tone on the far left in the attached image. Does anyone have any experience with this watch? Hehe....I can't afford to get a Rolex which would be my dream, DREAM watch. This will be the watch I will have until I buy my Rolex!!!!
    So, opinions??

  2. Here is a better picture, only mine will be the two-tone one from the previous picture. It has a MOP dial and diamonds around the dial.

  3. The jewellers I work in sell the Seiko Velaturas, they are really nice watches. They're a Japanese movement, so not quite as good as Swiss, but according to our Seiko rep, the movements are double checked piece by piece, much like with Swiss watches. They're Seiko's answer to the Swiss watch market, and they appear to be pretty good. They haven't been on the market (at least in Aus) long enough to really tell the longevity of the range, but Seiko in general has a pretty good reputation, and these are their top of the range models. It's a really nice design you've picked!
  4. Thanks for your reply:smile: My DH has got a Seiko watch and he really likes it, so that is what prompted me to look at these. I really don't want to spend too much at the moment, but at the same time I want a watch that is both nice to look at and is good quality. Perhaps you could suggest Swiss made alternatives in the same price range? I would like a little bling on it;)
  5. I don't have any experience with these particular Seikos, but Seiko makes a good product. It's a lovely watch. Enjoy it and take some piccies when you get it for the reference library!
  6. I'm not sure about exact prices for ones with a bit of bling (I'm in Aus, so prices are different here), but Tissot (Swiss) ranges from entry level upwards, with some diamond set, but it depends on what style of watch you like- I can't help much with prices for the diamond set ones, we don't carry many of them. Check out their website If you like chunky style watches, the new (at least to Aus!) Swiss made Guess Collection watches come in diamond set versions and they're in a comparable price range to the velaturas (at least they are in Aus!). I don't really know a great deal about prices and styles for other brands, cause we don't carry a huge range of Swiss watches at my store! HTH!
  7. i have 3 seikos - one is 21 years old! great quality for a decent price.
  8. Thanks for all the help:smile: I just got a message my watch is in and I will go get it tomorrow before work:smile:
  9. i think it is lovely!
  10. I've had my Seiko for almost 9 years and I've never had a problem with it, just had to change the battery every other year. I can't find anything else that compares, since it has a day and date function.
  11. I picked it up yesterday and I have to say I love it. Perfect size - not too big, but still a little chunky! And it sparkles a little:smile: I will post a pick when I get new batteries in my camera!
  12. Yay, sparkly! Post pictures once you have new batteries!