seigle vs murrier

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Choose one please:

  1. Murrier RGGH work and Seigle RH city

  2. Murrier SGH work and seigle RH city

  3. Murrier RH city and Seigle RGGH work

  4. Murrier SGH Work and Seigle RGGH work

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. I'm very confused. I know that I want Seigle and Murrier in my collection. but just can't choose the hardware! here is the choice
    1. murrier RGGH work and seigle city rh
    2. murrier SGH work and seigle RGGH work
    3. murrier rh city and Seigle RGGH work
    4. murrier SGH work and seigle city RH

    For your reference, I have 5 RHs (can't get enough of it), 3 SGH, and 2 RGGH. please help...

  2. Murier SGH Work and Seigle RGGH Work
  3. ^ITA! Maybe you should work out what sizes you want first (both work? or one work one city? - don't know what's already in your collection) and then work back on to colours from there?
  4. Ladylu thanks for voting.

    LittleMissBags, city rh is my all time favorite. I just can't get too many of them. :smile: and I don't have Work with giant hardware yet. So I definitely want at least one work with GH. but 2 works with GH r fine and another city RH is ok too. That's why size is not a matter for me. it's the hardware that makes me have this headache
  5. i voted for seigle rh city since it is a great neutral that you can use with everything and murier +gsh ;)
    i hope it helps :winkiss:
  6. seigle rh city and murier gsh work! murier looks so pretty w/gsh! and seigle best w/rh! good luck!
  7. I agree with Ww9! Murier with GSH and Seigle with rh (or RGGH).
  8. Hellow dear,,voted for Murrier SGH Work and Seigle RGGH work. Keep the faitthhh :biggrin:
  9. I voted for the Murier Work with RGGH and the Seigle city with rh. I love the work in colors, rather than neutrals, and I am a huge fan of RGGH (it looks more sophisticated to me). Seigle looks awesome with rh and think that purchasing two different styles/sizes is the most versatile choice.
  10. murrier SGH work and seigle RGGH work
  11. Murier RGGH is a TDF combo. My vote goes to Murier RGGH Work and Seigle RH City.
  12. chloeglamour, wonderwoman9, sandysandiego, yunces, circoit, lizmarielowe, Handbagangel thanks for voting. wow. this pool makes me realize that I what I thought was not the reality. I used to be very sure that RGGH seigle is much more popular compared to RH. but it seems that seigle rh is more popular somehow.

    anyway, got the both seigles in hands (rggh and rh). now I still need to hunt for the murrier. :smile: Hopefully I can find it as soon as possible and than decide.
  13. # 1 Murrier RGGH Wk & Seigle RH City.
    I have a Seigle RGGH City & am waiting on a Murier RGGH PT, so I am a little biased towards RGGH. But if you really like RH I think Seigle would look better in RH than Murier.
    Good luck :smile:
  14. Murrier SGH work and Seigle RH city

    I prefer Seigle with RH
  15. vote for Murier RGGH Work & Seigle RH City :love: