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  1. Hi, I've been off the LV radar for a while, I was looking into getting the Segur new model- has this been discontinued now as I cant see it online? :crybaby:
  2. Hello

    Not sure if this bag is discontinuated but on the French Website Segur is not here anymore.
  3. I've just checked the website where I am in Germany - it's not on there either :sad:
  4. As mentioned in other threads, it is Louis Vuitton's new policy to release and discontinue bags more often (more seasonal items). This is an effort to make each bag more special and hard to find. It also cuts counterfeiting since new bags may be discontinued within just a few months. Some models and some colors are also region specific.

    Of course classic models are here to stay (Alma, Speedy, Noé,...) but will come in more seasonal versions. That's a little bit Chanel's strategy with its classics.
  5. It is definitely being discontinued, probably due to poor sales than a limited release. There are still some out there in stores in you want one, Dallas Galleria has one

  6. Yes, unfortunately I also heard it was being discontinued. Someone from the LV managers meeting sent this to a member and this list was posted in the discontinued thread, although I don't see the Ségur on it...

    I really liked the Ségur, too, but many people who saw it in real life, and my SA, said it was very bulky and heavy...almost like small luggage.
    I want to get the Artsy in a couple weeks and happy it didn't make the discontinued list. This is another bag people think could hit the road, but it's been around for 6 years now! Some CS members said it's becoming iconic with the brand, but a SA told me the other day the longevity of the bag has been debated between she and her coworkers. I hope they keep it for good!
    If you don't want the Ségur, is there another bag you want?
  7. The Segur is available on the US website.
  8. Just found a pre-loved Segur in excellent condition!! I saw this bag in the boutique and thought is was so cute!!