Ségur PM..which color?

  1. Ok ladies and gents..i've almost decided to return the Mini Lin Bucket and take the Ségur PM:nuts:
    Rensky had bad influence on me (she returned M.Lin Bucket too :lol: ) and now i'm thinking to exchange..
    what color would you get?
    i'm thinking about myrtille or red..Venice store still has the myrtille:yes:
    but the red is sooooo classy:love:
    i really can't decide..
  2. I really like the red.
  3. Red of course!
  4. go with RED :heart:
  5. Actually,i love the mini bucket !!!! I love the fabric, it so beaytiful. tell me why you are thinking about returning it??
  6. What will you wear it with - do you think you'll get more use out of red or myrtille? They are both beautiful - you can't go wrong with either color. Good luck! :flowers:
  7. Red!!
  8. Epi looks best in RED.
  9. I'm thinking about an exchange because both the bags have more or less the same price, but the Segur is all leather, Bucket is canvas..so i prefer add 100 euros and get a totally leather bag..
    may be tomorrow i'll change of mind again and i'll keep the bag LOL
  10. Red!
  11. the red looks better, but i think the bag looks best in black. when sma11cat and i went to toronto she tried the black Segur PM, and it looked really good
  12. Red! :love:
  13. I love red Epi...so RED!
  14. I like the red.
  15. I love the Segur in black...but then again...it's only because I prefer not to carry any bags in bold colours such as red or mandarin.