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  1. Hi all

    Thought we could all have a fun filled guess who Mulberry are going to announce as their new creative director.. (I presume that is what they are going to announce..)
  2. Something to do with hats going on the picture :thinking:
  3. I just thought that was mysterious modelling chic ha ha
  4. :o
  5. Twiggy ?
    Marianne Faithfull ?
    Joanna Lumley ?
    Madonna ?
    (going on the "a woman every man will know" comment, those are some of the few my DH could instantly come up with .. he did first off say Stella (McC) but I can't see that myself ? x
  6. Alexa?

  7. Megan fox? Kate Moss?
  8. Beckham.
  9. Wot David??????
  10. Sshh, don't point out I'm hedging my bets for either of them! :P

    VB certainly has a surname every man would know.
  11. I'd love it if Kate Moss was doing a line with M because I would buy any of it straight away haha.

    I don't think its Alexa because she lives in NYC now
  12. I do wonder how a "celebrity" appointment would sit with the idea of Mulberry becoming a luxury brand; if the person doesn't already have serious design credentials it could seem gimmicky rather than classic.
  13. I have no clue whatsoever!!

    I think at the moment when Mulberry is apparent plummeting, not many well established designers would want their name to be associated with a further decline...
  14. Absolutely agree.

    Kate Middleton it is then, she oozes style and class.

    321 back in the room...... Really don't have a clue...... Elvis do you fancy a career change? :smile:
  15. Don't be silly, that would mean her getting a job! :P:P