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  1. ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ ... and Closet
    Published: February 25, 2007​

    AFTER watching an episode of “Grey’s Anatomy,” Sarah Grace McCandless, 32, a novelist from Washington, went shopping. The $160 Citizens for Humanity jeans that she bought online had a special appeal that wasn’t about the label.

    “I bought jeans that Meredith was wearing,” said Ms. McCandless, a self-described pop culture addict, referring to the character Meredith Grey. “I don’t have Meredith’s body, but you can order them in different sizes.”

    Ms. McCandless also has a pair of the True Religion jeans that Izzie wore, along with brown boots like the pair from Frye worn by Cristina, also characters on “Grey’s Anatomy.”

    Ms. Candless shops on (also known as SeenON!), one of a cluster of TV- and movie-themed Web sites offering breathless behind-the-scenes chatter, as well as instant gratification for those with a taste for celebrity style. Fans are now just clicks away from owning not only the clothes and accessories worn by characters on more than 100 television shows and movies, but also the sofas they sit on and the martini glasses they drink from.

    DRESS LIKE A STAR Sarah Grace McCandless wears jeans and a top like some seen on “Grey’s Anatomy,” with a clutch from “Desperate Housewives.”

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